16 Keyboard Switches with the Heaviest Actuation Force

Table of Contents:

RankKeyboardsActuation ForcePriceWhere to Buy
1Cherry MX Green Key Switch80g$10.00MechanicalKeyboards
2Drop + Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Keyboard Switches67g$125.00Amazon
3Tactile Black Jade Mechanical Keyboard Switch67g$72.00eBay
4Cherry MX Blue Key Switch60g$10.00MechanicalKeyboards
5Cherry MX Black Key Switches60g$12.99Amazon
6Cherry MX Brown Key Switches55g$10.00MechanicalKeyboards
7Outemu Brown Key Switches55g$8.00MechanicalKeyboards
8Matias Quiet Click Mechanical Switch55g$7.50MechanicalKeyboards
9Kailh Box Switches IP56 Novelty Cream55g$26.50eBay
10Kailh Blue Key Switches50g$7.50MechanicalKeyboards
11Kailh Speed Copper Key Switches50g$7.50MechanicalKeyboards
12Cherry MX Red Key Switches45g$10.00MechanicalKeyboards
13Kailh Novelty BOX Cream Linear POM Material MX Switch45g$53.00eBay
14Cherry MX Silent Red RGB Clear Key Switches45g$10.00MechanicalKeyboards
15Matias Quiet Linear Mechanical Switch35g$7.50MechanicalKeyboards
16Gateron Clear Key Switches – PCB Mount35g$8.50MechanicalKeyboards

A Break Down of the Keyboard Switches and Actuation Force 

Is it the season of changing your keyboard switches? These 16 keyboard switches are all available online at Amazon, eBay, and Mechanical Keyboards. If you’re wondering what Actuation Force is, it is the force required for the key to be recognized by the keyboard. We have the heaviest key switches and the lightest key switch in this table. These key switches range from 80g to 60g to 50g and down to 35g.

For the heaviest, our 1st, Cherry MX Green Key Switch, requires an actuation force of 80g, costing about $10.00. Wherefore, the lightest is our 16th, Gateron Clear Key Switches, which requires 35g of actuation force for $8.50. As for their prices, the highest cost was $125.00 from the brand Holy Panda in 2nd place. The lowest has four products tied at $7.50: Matias Quiet Click Mechanical Switch, Kailh Blue Key Switches, Kailh Speed Copper Key Switches, and Matias Quiet Linear Mechanical Switch. There are still more in the market, and we hope we’ve helped you a bit!








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