20 Tiniest Toilets You Can Buy Online

Table Of Contents:

  1. Ranking of the Tiniest Toilets
  2. Analysis of the Ranking


RankToilets’ Name HeightWidthPriceWhere to buy
Bio Bidet IB8356.10 in27.56 in$2,299.00Appliances Connection
2Fine Fixture WT16RM11.75 in14.5 in$357.99Appliances Connection
3Fine Fixture WT22RM12 in14 in$342.99Appliances Connection
4Toto CWT4494549CMFGAMS13.12 in15 in$4,671.80Appliances Connection
5Duravit 2217090092114 in14 in$738.75Appliances Connection
6Toto CST776CSG0114.14 in17.18 in$328.99Appliances Connection
7Duravit 212501200015.75 in14.13 in$309.99Appliances Collection
Duravit 62000001140131015.75 in14.37 in$5,302.50Appliances Connection
Duravit 216051200015.75 in14.75 in$349.99Appliances Connection
8Kingston Brass VTC299216.9 in30.3 in$374.99Appliances Connection
9Kingston Brass VWC199316.12 in27.5 in$348.99Appliances Connection
10Toto CWT4474047CMFGMS16.13 in15 in$2,972.90Appliances Connection
Toto CWT4283046CMFGMS16.13 in15.06 in$2,244.20Appliances Connection
11Toto MS624214CEFG0317 in27 in$903.00Appliances Connection
Eviva EVTL53417 in30 in$469.92Appliances Connection
12Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet18.5 in14.5 in$1,118.53Amazon
13Toto CWT994CEMFG0118.13 in16.63 in$6,310.50Appliances Connection
14Toto MS992CUMFG0120.75 in17.625 in$5,362.00Appliances Connection
15Kohler Veil21 in17.25 in$3,968.35Amazon
16Toto MS988CUMFG0121.06 in15.19 in$3,392.27Amazon


Image Source: Appliances Connection/Amazon

We’re back with another compilation of mind-blowing items you can buy online. Once again, we have 20 entries with 16 rankings. These tiniest toilets can be purchased on Appliances Connection and Amazon. Let’s now jump into the ranking. As revealed by our list, the tiniest toilet is the Bio Bidet IB835 since it has a height of 6.10 inches and a width of 27.56 inches. It is also one of the priciest toilets on our list for its $2,299.00 price value. The 16th placer is the Toto MS988CUMFG01 toilet since it is larger than the rest. It is 21.06 inches in height and 15.19 inches in width. Additionally, it is $1000 ahead of the Bio Bidet IB835 toilet price.

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