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20 Lightest Computer Mice You Can Buy Online

Table Of Contents:

  1. Ranking of the Lightest Computer Mice
  2. Analysis of the Lightest Computer Mice


RankComputer MiceWeightPrice ValueWhere To Buy
1Starlight-12 Phantom45 grams  $189.99Finalmouse / Amazon
2Cooler Master MM72049 grams$47.87Amazon
3Cooler Master MM71052 grams$41.99Amazon
4Xtrfy MZ156 grams$79.99 / $85.62Xtrfy / Amazon
5Cooler Master MM73159 grams$89.99Amazon
6Xtrfy M4259 grams$59.00Xtrfy
7HyperX Pulsefire Haste59 grams$39.99Bestbuy
Razer Viper Mini61 grams$39.99Razor
8Logitech G Pro X  Superlight63 grams$149.95Amazon
HK Gaming Mira M63 grams$39.99Amazon
9MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight65 grams$54.99Amazon
10Roccat Kone Pure Ultra66 grams$59.89Amazon
Xtrfy M466 grams$59.00Xtrfy
11Mountain Makalu 6767 grams$67.75Mountain Shop
12Glorious Model O Wireless69 grams$99.99Amazon
13SteelSeries Prime+71 grams$67.99Amazon
14Razer Viper Ultimate74 grams$99.99Bestbuy
15Logitech G Pro Wireless80 grams$89.98Amazon
16Microsoft Arc Mouse82 grams$44.49Amazon
Logitech Pebble M35082 grams$29.99Bestbuy


Image Source: Finalmouse/Amazon/Bestbuy/Razor/Mountain Shop

Here is the compilation of the lightest computer mice you can buy online! These can be found in Amazon, Finalmouse, Xtrfy, Bestbuy, Razor, and the Mountain Shop. We have 20 entries for the lightest computer mice, but when we ranked them, we produced the top 16 products you need to watch out for. With that, the most lightweight computer mouse is the Starlight-12 Phantom, for it weighs 45 grams. This computer mouse is also the most expensive item on this list as it bears a $189.99 price value. Then, we a tie in last place, the 16th. The Microsoft Arc Mouse and Logitech Pebble M350 are both 82 grams. But, the Logitech Pebble M350 is not only one of the lightest, but also the most affordable computer mouse for its $29.99 price value.

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