Height Comparison of ‘Talking Tom & Friends’ Characters

Table of Contents:

1Rex20 ftDark Green TyrannosaurusMale
2Gina14 ftTan GiraffeFemale
3Carl5 ft 11 inMiddle-aged HumanMale
4Darren5 ft 10 inYoung Adult HumanMale
5The Landlord5 ft 8 inOld-aged HumanMale
6MC5 ft 6 inYoung Adult HumanMale
7Velma Vanthrax5 ft 4 inOld-aged HumanFemale
8Xenon5 ft 3 inYoung Adult HumanFemale
9Ronnie Bergstedt5 ftYoung HumanMale
10Benjamin2 ft 4 inBrown BernedoodleMale
11Baby Hippo2 ftPurple HippopotamusMale
12Becca Sparkles1 ft 7 inBlack BunnyFemale
13Hank1 ft 4 inWhite BeagleMale
14.5Ginger1 ft 3 inOrange TabbyMale
14.5Thomas1 ft 3 inGrey TabbyMale
16Angela1 ftWhite Khao ManeeFemale
17Roy Rakoon11 inBrown RacoonMale
18Pierre10 inGreen ParrotMale
19Harry4 inGrey HedgehogMale
20Jeremy0.4 micronsBlue GermMale


Image Source: IMDb

On top of our tallest Talking Tom & Friends character list is Rex, the Dark Green Tyrannosaurus, who stands at around 20 feet. According to Talking Tom & Friends Fandom Wiki, he is a now-defunct male character who loves to act scary, but in reality, he is as sweet as a dog. He is followed by Gina, the Tan Giraffe, who is 14 feet tall. Next, in third to ninth place, are the human characters: Carl, Darren, The Landlord, MC, Velma, and Ronnie, who are all five feet and above in height. The others on the list are below three feet tall.

Moreover, the shortest on our list is Jeremy, the Blue Germ, at only around 0.4 microns in height. In reality, he is minuscule and cannot be seen by the unaided eye. The characters’ heights on our list are based on the average height of the specific animals and humans in real life. Overall, our inventory comprises 15 male characters and a minority of only six female characters.

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