21 Heaviest Keyboards You Can Buy Online

Table of Contents:

RankKeyboardsWeightPriceWhere to Buy
1RYMEK Typewriter Style Mechanical Keyboard3.86 lbs$189.99Amazon
2Retro Classic Bluetooth3.5 lbs$219.99AZIO
3Retro Classic USB3.5 lbs$189.99AZIO
4Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB3.48 lbs$114.31Newegg
5FL ESPORTS FL980 3.45 lbs$129.99Amazon
6Corsair K100 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard3.0 lbs$197.99Amazon
7Qwerkywriter S Mechanical Keyboard3.0 lbs$299.99Newegg
8Das Keyboard Prime 13 Backlit Wired Mechanical 2.9 lbs$129.00Amazon
9Das Keyboard 4 Professional 2.9 lbs$169.00Amazon
10FOQO Wireless Keyboard2.9 lbs$229.99AZIO
11CORN FL9802.64 lbs$129.99Newegg
12Glorious GMMK Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard2.5 lbs$119.99Amazon
13Retro Compact Keyboard (RCK)2.5 lbs$219.99AZIO
14Azio Retro – Wired USB Mechanical Keyboard2.3 lbs$109.99Amazon
15Das Keyboard 4C TKL2.3 lbs$139.00Amazon
16Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse & K350 Wireless Wave Ergonomic Keyboard2.2 lbs$130.88Amazon
17Leopold FC750R Two tone White PD (Cherry MX Blue)2.2 lbs$122.00Amazon
18Razer Pro Type: Wireless Mechanical Productivity Keyboard2.13 lbs$124.99Amazon
19DoubleW Typewriter Style  Mechanical Gaming Keyboard1.9 lbs$149.99Newegg
20IZO Wireless Keyboard1.75 lbs$139.99AZIO
21SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7+ Keyboard1.2 lbs$221.99Amazon

Anatomization of the Keyboards

These keyboards from online stores Amazon, Newegg, and AZIO, weigh 3.86 lbs, as the heaviest, to 1.2 lbs, as the lightest. Even if their prices are different, the heaviest keyboard is available for only $186.99, while the lightest is $221.99. In short, the most expensive here is 7th place, Qwerkywriter S Mechanical Keyboard, with $299.99 weighing 3.0 lbs. Thus, the lowest is in the 14th placer, Azio Retro – Wired USB Mechanical Keyboard, with $109.99 weighing 2.3 lbs.






https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?d=typewriter+keyboard https://aziocorp.com/collections/keyboard

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