Top 10 Most Valuable Game of Thrones NFT

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RankGame of Thrones NFTPriceWhere to Buy?
1Westeros Football League$22,880,900.00Opensea
2DNAerys | Game of Thrones | Know Your Meme$4,576,180.00Opensea
3The Night King On The Iron Thron$100,675.96Opensea
4Jon Snow Art$91,523.60++Opensea
 Arya Stark Art$91,523.60++Opensea
 Daenerys Targaryen Art$91,523.60++Opensea
5Game of Thrones Art$91,523.60Rarible
 Tyrion Lannister Drinking and Knowing Things$91,523.60Opensea
6Margaery Tyrell Art$45,761.80++Opensea
 Tyrion Lannister Art$45,761.80++Opensea
 Sansa Stark Art$45,761.80++Opensea
 Night King Art$45,761.80++Opensea
 Jamie Lannister Art$45,761.80++Opensea
7Melisandre 64×64 Pixel Art$45,761.80Opensea
 Game of Thrones Season 8 | Trailer, Photos, Guides & More$45,761.80Opensea
 Khaleesi Riding Dragons$45,761.80Opensea
8Sandor “The Hound” Clegane Art$36,609.44++Opensea
 Tormund Giantsbane Art$36,609.44++Opensea
9Drogon the Fire-Breathing$27,643.56Opensea
10Tyrion Lannister – Peter Dinklage$24,003.82Opensea


Image Source: Opensea

The Game of Thrones NFT, which ranked first on our list, is the Westeros Football League collectible cards valued at 5,000 ETH or around $22,880,900. It was followed by the DNAerys Know Your Meme at second place, priced at 1,000 ETH or approximately $4,576,180. These were the only two Game of Thrones NFT that reached millions of dollars in value. The next on the list is priced at 22 ETH or around $100,675.96, The Night King On The Iron Throne at rank three.

Next, on the fourth spot is the Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and Daenerys Targaryen Art which is available for bidding, starting at 20 ETH or around $91,523.60. In fifth place is shared by the Game of Thrones Art and Tyrion Lannister Drinking and Knowing Things Art, valued at a fixed price of 20 ETH or around $91,523.60. The following NFT at sixth to tenth place is priced at 10 ETH and below, with the Tyrion Lannister – Peter Dinklage NFT taking the tenth place and is valued at 5.21 ETH or around $24,003.82. In addition, the NFTs with a ++ symbol are the ones for bidding, and the listed price is the minimum bidding price.

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