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20 Most Valuable Dragonite Pokémon Cards

Here are the top 20 most valuable Dragonite Pokémon cards you can buy online!

Table of Contents:

  1. Ranking of the Most Valuable Dragonite Pokémon Cards
  2. Analysis


Rank Dragonite Pokémon CardsPrice ValueWhere To Buy
1Dragonite Expedition 9/165 HOLO PSA 10 GEM MINT (POP 27) Pokémon Card$8,508.60eBay
2PSA 10 GEM MINT Dragonite Fossil 1st Edition Holo Pokemon Card$6,000.00eBay
3Pokemon Card Old Back Dragonite List No.MC5524$3,497.40eBay
4Pokemon Card 1ED Dragonite Delta Species PSA10$2,296.54eBay
5PSA 9 Reverse Holo Dark Dragonite Pokemon Card EX Team Rocket Returns$1,000.00eBay
6PSA10 Perfect Pokemon Card Dragonite Game Boy Promo List No.MC2217$993.11eBay
7PSA10 Dragonite FB #018 Frontier Rally Pokemon Card 2009$925.99eBay
8Pokemon TCG Topps 1999 Movie Die – Cut Dragonite #12 PSA 9 MINT | POP 5 Card 4U$899.00eBay
9PSA 10 LIGHT DRAGONITE #149 Holo Swirl Japanese Neo 4 (Destiny) – Pokemon Card  $886.31eBay
10Dragonite Holo MEIJI Prism 1998 PSA 9 Rare Promo Japanese Pokemon Card$709.05eBay
11Pokemon card Dragonite 098/087 SR PSA9 20th anniversary Full art 2016 Mint $700.00eBay
12Dragonite Genger PSA 9 Pokemon Card BANDAI Very Rare Japan Pocket Monsters$599.99eBay
13Dragonite GX 152/236 SM Unified Minds Pokemon Card – PSA 10$545.64eBay
14Pokemon Card Carddass Dragonite F/S JAPAN$539.99eBay
15Dragonite Holo Pokemon Card 2002 Expedition 9/165 ARK BGS PSA 8 NM-MINT$531.79eBay
16Pokemon Cards: Japanese EX Dragon Dragonite EX: PSA 9$529.19eBay
17PSA 9 Reverse Holo Dragonite Pokemon Card EX Delta Species 3/113$500.00eBay
182000 Pokemon Dragonite #149 Topps Chrome SERIES 2 T.V. Card – PSA 9 – RARE MINT$499.99eBay
19Pokemon Card – Dragonite EX – CP6 098/087 SR Japanese Japan UNUSED$312.00 eBay
20Dragonite GX HR Hyper Rare Pokemon Card Game Pokeka sm6a 062053 Dragon Storm$310.81eBay

Image Source: eBay


The Most Valuable Dragonite Card title belongs to the Dragonite Expedition 9/165 HOLO PSA 10 GEM MINT (POP 27) Pokémon Card since it bears a price value of $8,508.60. This card is holo rare and was manufactured in 2002; hence, it is a vintage Pokémon card. As a result, it garnered the highest price. Then, our last placer is the Dragonite GX HR Hyper Rare Pokemon Card Game Pokeka sm6a 062053 Dragon Storm card that got a $310.81 price value. Its more affordable price is justified since it was manufactured in 2018.


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