16 Most Valuable Nidoking Pokémon Cards

Looking for the best Nidoking card in the market? Well, the hunt is over as we compile 16 most valuable Nidoking Pokémon cards! 

Table of Contents:

RankNidoking Pokémon CardsPriceSetWhere to Buy
1Nidoking 11/102$2,336.321999 Pokémon GameeBay
2Nidoking Pokémon 1996$1,299.991996 P.M. Japanese BasiceBay
3Nidoking – Holo$1,223.782003 Pokémon AquapoliseBay
4Nidoking – Holo$705.501999 Pokémon GameeBay
5Shadowless Nidoking #11$700.001999 Pokémon GameeBay
6Nidoking – Holo$660.181999 Pokémon GameeBay
7Nidoking 088/087$600.00Japanese Pokémon TCGeBay
8Nidoking 150/147$524.952003 Pokémon Aquapolisdacardworld
9Shadowless Nidoking #11$463.051999 Pokémon GameeBay
10Nidoking 088/087$455.98Japanese Pokémon TCGeBay
11Aquapolis Nidoking 150/147$424.952003 Pokémon Aquapolisdacardworld
12Nidoking (150)$400.00AquapolisTCGplayer
13Crystal Nidoking 150/147$399.992003 Pokémon AquapoliseBay
14Nidoking Holo 11/102$299.041999 Pokémon GameeBay
15Nidoking #34$285.00Topps Series 2 PokémoneBay
16Nidoking 043/087$200.002016 Pokémon JapaneseeBay

Breakdown of Nidoking Pokémon Cards

First and foremost, these Nidoking Pokémon cards are all available online at eBay, dacardworld, and TCGplayer. If you’re looking for the most valuable Nidoking Pokémon card, our 1st placer is your best bet! With a price of $2,336.32, this Nidoking 11/102 from 1999 Pokémon Game is at your disposal. But if you’re on a tight budget, this valuable 16th placer of Nidoking 043/087 is only for $200.00! Now, if it’s uniqueness you’re after, we found this Nidoking #34 from the Topps Series 2 Pokémon that only costs $285.00! 

Out of these 16 Nidoking Pokémon cards, we hope you found interesting and valuable ones to add to your collection!


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