16 Most Valuable Kabutops Pokémon Cards

On the lookout for Kabutops cards? Search no more as we’ve compiled the 16 most valuable Kabutops Pokémon cards out in the market!

Table of Contents:

RankNidoking Pokémon CardsPriceSetWhere to Buy
1Crystal Kabutops Holo 150/144$3,187.182003 Pokémon SkyridgeeBay
2Shining Kabutops Holo 108/105$2,690.842002 Neo DestinyeBay
31st Edition Shining Kabutops 108/105$2,186.952002 Neo Destiny 1st Editiondacardworld
4Shining Kabutops #141$1,131.172001 P.M. Japanese Neo 4eBay
5Shining Kabutops 108/105$999.952002 Pokémon Neo Destinydacardworld
6Kabutops Holo Pokémon Card H13/H32$847.312003 Pokémon SkyridgeeBay
7Kabutops H13/H32 – Holo$725.002003 Pokémon SkyridgeeBay
8Crystal Kabutops 150/144 – Holo$644.992003 Pokémon SkyridgeeBay
9Kabutops Omastar 007/012$599.992004 PM JPN e-BATTLEeBay
101st Edition Kabutops 6/75 – Holo$500.002001 P.M. Neo DiscoveryeBay
11Kabutops 1st Edition Legend Make Holo$399.992005 Pokémon JapaneseeBay
12Kabutops Holo 6/75$350.982001 P.M. Neo DiscoveryeBay
13Crystal Kabutops Reverse Holo$325.002003 Pokémon SkyridgeeBay
14Fossil Kabutops Holo #9$300.001999 Pokémon FossileBay
15Kabutops (150)$279.98SkyridgeTCGplayer
16Topsun Kabutops$234.09Japanese Pokémon CardeBay

Breakdown of Kabutops Pokémon Cards

As high as $3,187.18, this Crystal Kabutops Holo 150/144 is knocking on your wallet! But for as low as $234.09, you can get this Topsun Kabutops from the Japanese Pokémon Card! Additionally, out of these 16 Kabutops Pokémon cards, their prices range from $279.98 for our 15th placer to $2,690.84 for our 2nd placer.

What are you waiting for? Click on their links to see their availability before you miss the chance!


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https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=kabutops+pokemon+card&_sacat=2536&LH_TitleDesc=0&_odkw=Onix+pokemon+card&_osacat=2536 https://www.dacardworld.com/search?Search=kabutops

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