Top 10 Most Expensive Energy Pokémon Cards

We have compiled a list of some of the most expensive Pokémon energy cards available for purchase in Pokémon marketplaces. Avid card collectors and Pokémon enthusiasts, read on to find out which of them you can buy right now!

RankEnergy CardCard SetPrice
1Double Colorless EnergyCHAMPION 2016 Pokémon Evolutions International Double Colorless Energy Trophy$50,000
2Metal EnergyPokémon holo binder collection 1st edition, shadowless, error cards, banned card$22,000
3Poison & Psychic EnergyVintage Pokémon  cards collection$19,000
5Double Colorless EnergyPerfect Condition Rare Energy Pokémon Pocket Monster Card Japanese$12,500
6Psychic, Water, Fighting, Fire, Lightning & Grass EnergyPokémon Basis Set 1. Edition komplett | PSA 9 | Glurak | Mint | 102/102 Base Set$10,806
7Double Colorless, Fire, Water & Lightning EnergyPokémon  collection bundle/Super Rare/rare/full art/rainbow/ALLNEW$10,000
Metal EnergyPokémon  collection lot$10,000
8Darkness, Double Colorless, Fighting, Psychic, Grass, Fire, Lightning & Water EnergyHUGE Vintage Pokémon  1,300+ CARD LOT – Holos, Tons of 1st Eds/Promos/Shadowless$9,999
9Metal EnergyHuge Pokémon Vintage Collection Binder Lot WOTC 1st Edition Charizard TCG$9,499
10Fighting & Fire EnergyMix of Pokémon Cards!!! (Energy, Pokémon , Trainer and Hologram)$9,000


Image Source: DeviantArt

The energy card on top of our list is a single Double Colorless Energy that costs a whopping $50,000. Following far behind in second place is the Metal Energy card that costs $22,000. Next, taking the third spot is a Poison and Psychic Energy card set which cost $19,000. Then, in fourth place is a Full Heal Energy valued at $16,000, and in fifth place is another less pricey Double Colorless Energy card which you can buy for $12,500. Next, in sixth place is a card set that includes Psychic, Water, Fighting, Fire, Lightning, and Grass Energy cards valued at $10,806.

In addition, we have another Energy card set in seventh place that contains Double Colorless, Fire, Water, and Lightning Energy, as well as a single Colorless and single Metal energy card that costs $10,000. After it in the eighth rank is an Energy card set that looks like a steal since it already consists of eight Energy cards. Then, in ninth place is a single Metal Energy card valued at $9,499 and last but not least, a Fighting and Fire energy card in the 10th place that you can buy for $9,000! Moreover, all of the energy cards mentioned here are available for purchase at eBay.

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