Top 10 Most Expensive Water-Type Pokemon Cards

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RankWater-Type Pokemon CardsPriceSeller
1Pokemon PSA 10 1st Edition Base Set Starters: Squirtle$23,667.72eBay
21998 Pokemon Complete Japanese Meiji: Psyduck$19,995.00eBay
3Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set Squirtle PSA 10 Gem Mint$12,000.00eBay
4PSA 10 1999 Pokemon Game 1st Edition Base Set: Squirtle$11,500.00eBay
5Base Set Original 90’s Squirtle Pokemon Card (NM)$10,000.00eBay
6Pokémon Starters – Mitsuhiro Arita Signed Shadowless Pokemon Base$8,000.00eBay
71999 POKEMON 1st Edition Squirtle PSA 10 GEM MINT Base Set Card$6,000.00eBay
8Pokemon Squirtle #63 1st Edition 1999 Thick Stamp$5,999.99eBay
9Pokemon PSA 10 Squirtle 1st edition GRAY Stamp from Base Set 63/102$5,499.95eBay
101990s Squirtle Pokemon Cards and one Alakazam Holo Card$5,000.00eBay


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Water-type Pokemon is one of the 18 particular types and comprises the three starter Pokemon. Their moves are typically described as beautiful and graceful, and according to PokemonDB, they are the most common type comprising over a hundred Pokemon. Some of the water-type Pokemon include a variety of fishes and other water-dwelling creatures such as turtles and ducks. Here, we compiled the most expensive water-type Pokemon cards that you can buy right now!


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The Pokemon which topped our list of most expensive water-type Pokemon is Squirtle and Blastoise, which can be bought at $23,667.72. They are being sold by the set on eBay and were advertised as First Editions. Next at second place is Psyduck, priced at $19,995 and is available as a Japanese edition. The card set was collected way back in 1998 and can also be bought on eBay. On the third spot is a set including Squirtle, valued at $12,000 and sold by the base set in 10 Gem Mint. Following it is another First Edition Base Set, including Squirtle, sold at $11,500. Lastly, in our list of water-type Pokemon card collectibles that cost exactly $10K is a Squirtle base set original 90’s.


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Moving to our water-type Pokemon collectible cards that cost less than $10K is the Pokemon ­starter Mitsuhiro Arita-signed shadowless Pokemon base, which includes Squirtle, and is priced at $8,000. All collectors know that this card is very valuable since Arita has been one of the artists providing illustrations and artwork for the Pokemon Trading Card Game since its launch. Next, following at the seventh place is a 1999 Pokemon First Edition Squirtle priced at $6,000 and another 1999 thick stamp Squirtle at the eighth place that you can purchase for $5,999.99. Lastly, for the ninth and tenth place are First Edition Gray stamp base set, including Squirtle, valued at $5,499.95 and a two Squirtle and one Alakazam combination of collection cards priced at exactly $5,000.


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