16 Most Expensive Grass-Type Pokémon Cards

Eyeing on collecting different Pokémon cards of great value? Then read on as we’ve compiled the 16 most expensive grass-type Pokémon cards you can buy online!

Table of Content:

RankGrass-type Pokémon CardPriceWhat SetWhere To Buy
1Venusaur Rare Holo Shadowless Pokémon Card $3,932.211999 Base SeteBay
2Venusaur Holo Rare Base Set Pokémon Card$701.87Holo Rare Base SeteBay
3Treecko Gold Star Holo Pokémon Card $580.00Team Rocket ReturnseBay
41999 Pokémon Weedle Card Base Set $500.00Rare Base SeteBay
5Pokémon Cards: Japanese Jungle Rare Holo: Nidoqueen 31$401.061996 Japan Jungle Rare HoloeBay
6Pokémon Cards: Japanese Jungle Rare Holo: Vileplume 45$359.901996 Japan Jungle Rare HoloeBay
7Pokémon cards SCYTHER $349.98Japanese TCG Holo RareeBay
8Pokémon Card Celebi $345.99Crystal GuardianseBay
9Rocket’s Scyther ex$289.14Team Rocket ReturnsTCGplayer
10Pokémon Card – Shining Celebi $207.22Triple Star Rare Holo eBay
11Pokémon PSA 10 Caterpie Card$199.991999 Pokémon GameeBay
12PSA-9 Pokémon SCYTHER Card $199.991999 Pokémon JungleeBay
13Nidoking Shadowless Pokémon Card $175.00Holo RareeBay
14Pokémon Card Shadowless Venusaur $150.001999 Base SeteBay
15Pokémon Card 1st Edition Weepinbell $144.991999 Pokémon JungleeBay
16Nidoking Shadowless Holo$120.001999 Holo Rare Base SeteBay

What is Grass-type Pokémon?

Other than psychic-type Pokémons, let’s explore the grass-type Pokémons! Part of the three Starter Pokémon, it exists with Fire and Water types. Resembling real-life plants, fungi, and even mushrooms is what completes the grass-type Pokémon. Some grass-type Pokémon are also paired with the poison-type Pokémons that represent the toxins other plants have. Their attacks consist of direct ones, and they use their leaves, vines, petals, wood, or sunlight. They’re rich in vitamin D; better not forget about that.

Most Expensive Grass-type Pokémon Cards

On the top, but we’ll make it drop later. With a premium price of $3,944.62, you can get this precious card of the grass-type Pokémon, Venusaur. It’s part of the Rare Holo Shadowless that indeed deserves the top spot. Standing at 2nd place, we found another Venusaur Pokémon card for only $699.83. Coming in at 3rd place is a Treecko Pokémon card from the set Team Rocket Returns. For only $580.00, you’ll be able to purchase this! In 4th place, we have the 1999 Pokémon Weedle Card Base Set, which is part of the rare set, for only $500.00. If it’s in the best condition that you desire, then you shall get it!

Least Expensive Grass-type Pokémon Cards

From the top, now, we’re here at the bottom. As a promise, we’ll make the prices drop! Let’s start on the 13th with our Nidoking Shadowless Pokémon card. Priced at $175.00, this is a steal! If you’re still looking for the Venusaur Shadowless Pokémon card, this might be your lucky day because we found you another! For only $150.00, add this to your cart now! Landing on the 15th, this 1st edition Pokémon card, Weepinbell, can help you attack your opponent for only $144.99! Another Nidoking Shadowless Holo Pokémon card takes the last place, 16th, available at $120.00. Like these grass-type Pokémon cards, let’s all go out and enjoy the sun!








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