Top 15 Most Expensive Digital Real Estate

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RankProperty NamePriceSeller
1Ground Floor Casino$20,716,950Vegas City
2Elon Musk pls Buy$20,120,000Decentraland
3Laser Passage$18,313,783Cryptovoxels
Arp Way$18,313,783Cryptovoxels
4The Khalifa Suite$17,733,709Opensea
5Parcel (22,-91)$17,000,000Decentraland
6Parcel (-42,126)$15,090,000Decentraland
Parcel (-42,131)$15,090,000Decentraland
7Land (-51, 145)$14,501,865The Sandbox
8Parcel (-68,143)$13,733,152Decentraland
Parcel (-66,143)$13,733,152Decentraland
9LAND (4, 158)$12,874,830The Sandbox
10Parcel (126,34)$10,060,000Decentraland
Parcel (127,33)$10,060,000Decentraland
1163 Addy Gardens$8,583,220Cryptovoxels
LAND (72, -181)$8,583,220The Sandbox
12Whitney Museum of American Art$8,287,098SuperWorld
13OTT: One, Two, Three$7,545,000Decentraland
14LAND (-169, 138)$7,295,737The Sandbox
15Somnium Space$7,239,946SomniumSpaceVR


Image Source: Ventech

Digital real estate, according to Millionacres, are virtual properties much like the other NFT. They are digital assets consisting of plots of land, spaces, or infrastructures that can be bought and sold to the digital market. Digital real estate is a new and good way of earning passive income, especially to those who are into landholdings. Here, we compiled the most expensive real estate properties being sold in the market right now!


Image Source: Opensea

Goodbye reality, and hello digital Vegas as the Ground Floor Casino, being sold by Vegas City, topped our list of most expensive digital real estate properties with a whooping 5,000 ETH or around $20,716,950 as listing price. Not far from this property’s listing price of over $20M is a plot of land being sold by Decentraland called Elon Musk pls Buy. Next, the Laser Passage and Arp Way shared the third rank, priced at 4,420 ETH or around $18.3M, and can be bought from Cryptovoxels. They are followed by The Khalifa Suite at fourth place with a listing price of 4,280 ETH or $17.7M, and can be purchased on Opensea.

Image Source: Decentraland

At fifth place is the Parcel (22,-91) at around $17M and is sold by Decentraland. Other properties from Decentraland include Parcel (-42,126), Parcel (-42,131), and Sun, sold at around $15M. Next on the list at seventh place is Land (-51, 145) priced at 3,500 ETH or around $14.5M. Following it at number eight are Parcel (-68, 143) and Parcel (-66, 143) which can be purchased at 3,200 ETH or $13.7M. Next, not far from their price is a land sold by The Sandbox called Land (4, 158) which is priced at 3,000 ETH or $12.9M. Lastly, at 10th place are Parcel (126, 34), and Parcel (127, 33), both priced at 2M MANA or around $10M.


Image Source: Opensea

Moving on to our less expensive properties costing less than $10M, is 63 Addy Gardens, which is being sold by Cryptovoxels. It tied at 11th place with Land (72, -181), which is priced at 2,000 ETH or around $8.5M. Next, in 12th place is the Whitney Museum of American Art, a plot sold by SuperWorld, at 1,931 ETH or approximately $8.2M. At 13th place is the OTT: One, Two, Three, which is being sold at $7.5M, and Land (-169, 138) at 14th place, which is being sold at 1,700 ETH or $7.2M. Last but not least on our list at 15th place is the Somnium Space, listed by Somnium Space VR, at 1,687 ETH or $7.2M.

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