20 Most Expensive Fire-type Pokémon Cards

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  1. Most Expensive Fire-type Pokémon Cards
  2. Least Expensive Fire-type Pokémon Cards

RankFire-type Pokémon CardsPrice ValueWhere To Buy
1Charizard 1st Edition Shadowless 1999 Pokemon Base$249,999.99eBay
21999 Pokemon Typhlosion Neo Genesis Japanese To a New World$9,995.00eBay
3Pokemon Card Flareon Star 024/PLAY Japanese HP70$9,358.00eBay
4Crystal Ho-Oh Holo Pokemon Card e-Skyridge $8,658.59eBay
52000 Pokemon Black Star Eevee Holo Promo $7,499.00eBay
6Pokemon 1999 Vulpix Blue Dot Error Shadowless Base Set 1st Edition$5,000.00eBay
7Pokemon Card Shining Charizard 006 Japanese HP100 EX LV.61$3,546.00eBay
8Gyarados Star (Delta Species)$400.00TCGPlayer
9Torchic Star Team Rocket Returns$399.99TCGPlayer
10Blaine’s Moltres-Holo 2000 Pokemon TCG Gym Heroes 1st Edition #1/132$350StockX
11Pokemon NINETALES Reverse Holo Rare 2007 ex Power Keepers 19 POP 14$349.00eBay
12Entei Star Unseen Forces$324.83TCGPlayer
13Ho-Oh ex Unseen Forces$249.99TCGPlayer
14Arcanine (H2) Aquapolis$203.38TCGPlayer
15Reshiram & Charizard GX (Secret) SM – Unbroken Bonds$176.58TCGPlayer
16Ho-Oh (Shiny) Call of Legends$149.22TCGPlayer
17Mew (Delta Species) POP Series 5$138.58TCGPlayer
18Dark Houndoom Neo Destiny$114.93TCGPlayer
19Blaziken VMAX (Alternate Art Secret) SWSH06: Chilling Reign$107.25TCGPlayer
20Moltres ex FireRed & LeafGreen$101.87TCGPlayer


Let’s start strong with a $249,999.99-priced Pokémon card. The infamous Charizard 1st Edition Shadowless 1999 Pokemon Base is a sought-off; hence, its remarkably pricy price value. According to TheGamer, the Charizard 1st Edition card is extremely rare, making it a valuable card among collectors. Next, the 1999 Pokemon Typhlosion Neo Genesis Japanese To a New World card, though it bears a noticeable price gap from the first placer, its $9,995.00 price value is unbeatable by the other items on this list. Let’s jump straight to our sixth placer, the Pokemon 1999 Vulpix Blue Dot Error Shadowless Base Set 1st Edition card has a price value of $5,000.00. Of course, this category is concluded by the Pokemon Card Shining Charizard 006 Japanese HP100 EX LV.61 card with its price value of $3,546.00. If you wish to have any of them, they are available on eBay.

Image Source: eBay


For this category, we have six items that perfectly fit the title of the “least expensive” cards. Right off the bat, the Reshiram & Charizard GX (Secret) SM – Unbroken Bonds card reigned the 15th place for its $176.58 price. This item is followed by the Ho-Oh (Shiny) Call of Legends card since it is $27.36 lower than the first card. When we reach 17th to 20th place, we can observe how fitting they are in the “least expensive” category. The Mew (Delta Species) POP Series 5, Dark Houndoom Neo Destiny, Blaziken VMAX (Alternate Art Secret) SWSH06: Chilling Reign, and Moltres ex FireRed & LeafGreen cards cost from $144.93 down to $101.87. These can be purchased from the TCGPlayer website.

Image Source: TCGPlayer

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