18 Most Expensive Psychic-Type Pokémon Cards

Ever believed in psychic abilities, and you’re a Pokémon fan? You wouldn’t be here if not, right? Read along with us through these 18 most expensive psychic-type Pokémon cards!

Table of Content:

RankPsychic-Type Pokémon CardsHow MuchSetWhere to Buy
1Espeon Star$999.99POP Series 5TCGplayer
21999 Pokémon Base Set Unlimited ALAKAZAM – Holo 1/102$956.00BaseeBay
3UNLIMITED Pokemon Card – Mewtwo – 10/102 – Base Set – Holo Rare – Near Mint 1999$569.50BaseeBay
4Alakazam Star$403.98Crystal GuardiansTCGplayer
5Pokémon Card 2002 Neo Destiny Shining Mewtwo 109/105 CGC 8 NM/Mint BGS PSA$400.00Neo DestinyeBay
61999 Pokémon Base Set Unlimited Holo Alakazam #1 DSG 10 GEM Mint$374.99BaseeBay
7Espeon ex$365.03Unseen ForcesTGCplayer
8Gardevoir$300.00Dark ExplorersTGCplayer
9Pokémon Mewtwo Base Set 1999 Unlimited Holo Rare 10/102 CGC Mint 9 Graded Card$289.20BaseeBay
10TCG Battle Arena Decks: Mewtwo vs. Darkrai Card Game$199.99Battle ArenaAmazon
11Alakazam (H1)$199.99SkyridgeTCGplayer
12Pokémon Card 2002 Neo Destiny Unlimited Dark Espeon Holo 4/105 CGC 7.5 NM PSA$140.00Neo DestinyeBay
13Exeggcute (102 Secret Rare)$134.43Plasma BlastTCGplayer
14Pokémon Mewtwo & Pikachu XY Evolutions TCG Card Game Decks$119.99EvolutionsAmazon
15Hypno (H12)$112.52AquapolisTGCplayer
16Pokémon Cards Shining Legends Mewtwo Pin Box$111.00Shining LegendsAmazon
17Dark Espeon$107.98Neo DestinyTGCplayer
18Pokémon TCG: Detective Pikachu Mewtwo-Gx Case File$101.45Trading CardAmazon

What is a Psychic-type Pokémon?

Roll's Pokemon [Psychic]
Image Source: Deviant-Art – CapricornGuy

One of the 18 elemental types of Pokémon, the Psychic-type, is represented by the color purple and the open eye. Psychic-type Pokémon are the most powerful as they possess most of the Legendary Pokémon, and they are intelligent. These Pokémon are based on real scientific and mythological studies. An example would be DNA, psychokinesis, some unique and physical psychic attacks, which are all used by mind control and power of the Pokémon. But for the exceptional and physical psychic attack is only introduced to Generation IV onwards.

Most Expensive Psychic Pokémon Cards

Let’s put that telepathy in use as we take a stroll through the top 4! Taking the lead with $999.99, here’s Espeon Star that debuted in the POP Series 5. From the 1999 Base Set, this Alakazam goes 2nd with $956.00. Third, another Pokémon from the 1999 Base Set is this Holo Rare Mewtwo, selling at $425.00. Appearing in the Crystal Guardians, Alakazam Star lands in 4th with $403.98. 

Least Expensive Psychic Pokémon Cards

We also cater to Pokémon card collectors who’re on a budget. Starting with $112.52, we have this Psychic-type Pokémon, Hypno (H12), on the 15th. It’s also a Holo Rare from the Aquapolis Set. For the 16th place, from the Shining Legends Set, we have a Mewtwo Pin Box. Priced at $111.00, you can get these promo cards, collector’s pins, and trading cards! Down to our 17th place, we have Dark Espeon from the Neo Destiny Set. Only for $107.98, this Holo Rare that has two sets of attacks can be availed! At $101.45, you don’t only get Mewtwo Pokémon cards but also Detective Pikachu booster packs! This set may have been the last, but it’s more than it’s worth! 

Have your eyes set on a Psychic-type Pokémon card? Go, get them, collector!









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