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Top 26 Most Expensive Vanilla-Scented Perfumes

Are you searching for that warm feeling engulfing you on a Saturday night? Then have a look at this top 26 most expensive vanilla-scented perfumes you can purchase online!

Table of Contents:

RankVanilla-Scented PerfumesPriceSizeWhere to Buy
1ELEGANTER SCHWAN 06 – Limited Edition perfume$935.003.4 ozKrigler
2PLEASURE GARDENIA 79 Perfume$435.003.4 ozKrigler
3Clive Christian Xxi Art Deco Vanilla Orchid Perfume$392.691.6 ozPerfume
4Clive Christian X Perfume$373.993.4 ozPerfume
5Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne$297.493.4 ozFragranceX
6Vanille Fatale$263.001.7 ozSephora
7Lipstick Rose Perfume$254.993.4 ozFragranceX
8Chloé Atelier Des Fleurs – Vanilla Planifolia$250.005.1 ozChloé
9Love, Don’t Be Shy$240.001.7 ozSephora
10Vanille Insensée Pure Perfume$235.006.7 ozSephora
11Byredo Slow Dance Perfume$199.751.6 ozFragraneX
12Vetiver & Golden Vanilla Cologne Intense$196.003.4 ozSephora
13Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Intense Eau De Parfum Spray$194.003.4 ozAmazon
14Dirty Vanilla Eau de Parfum$165.001.7 ozSephora
15Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere Spray$146.991.7 ozAmazon
16Mancera Velvet Vanilla Perfume$140.244 ozPerfume
17KAYALI UTOPIA VANILLA COCO | 21$138.003.4 ozSephora
18Replica By The Fireplace Perfume$135.993.4 ozFragranceX
19Vanilla Vibes$135.003.4 ozSephora
20Black Opium Perfume for Women by Yves Saint Laurent$129.231.6 ozFragranceX
21Lancome La Nuit Tresor L’Eau De Parfum$126.223.4 ozAmazon
22Montale Vanilla Cake Perfume$126.223.4 ozPerfume
23KAYALI VANILLA | 28$118.003.4 ozSephora
24CARNER BARCELONA El Born Eau de Parfum$117.901.7 ozAmazon
25Dior Addict by Christian Dior$113.313.4 ozAmazon
26EMPIRE Eau de Parfum$108.302.8 ozAmazon

Most Expensive Vanilla-Scented Perfumes

Indulge yourself with these top 5 luxurious vanilla-scented perfumes! Taking the top spot, we are given a floral accent and warm sandalwood note with a mix of vanilla. It’s the limited edition Eleganter Schwan 06, priced at $935.00 with 3.4 oz. For the ladies wanting that flowery and vanilla combination, we have PLEASURE GARDENIA 79 Perfume. Standing in 2nd, it’s available at $435.00 with 3.4 oz. Coming in on 3rd, the Clive Christian XXI is composed of vanilla orchids with other flowery scents. You can get this at $392.69 for a 1.6 oz.

Launched back in 2001, our 4th placer, Clive Christian X Perfume, is formulated with a base note of vanilla and fruity scents. For only $373.99, you can get this at a size of 3.4 oz. If you’re looking for a gift for your special someone, this 5th placer, Tobacco Vanille Cologne, might be the one for you. It’s a perfume for both men and women only for a price of $297.49 with 3.4 oz. 

A Little Bit of Luxury and Affordability

What if you combine a coffee lover and a vanilla scent fan? Then you might want to buy them this 6th perfume, Vanille Fatale! Only $263.00, you can get it at 1.7 oz. Both our 5th and 6th are from the brand Tom Ford. So, if you’re also an enthusiast of this, it’s like hitting two birds with one! Who knew reds could also be in the form of perfume? Going in on the 7th, we have Lipstick Rose Perfume for only $254.99 at 3.4 oz. This unisex perfume gives off a blend of romance and glamour.

Another option for our coffee lovers out there here’s Black Opium Perfume for Women from Yves Saint Laurent! Get this only for $129.23 at 1.6 oz. This 21st perfume costs about $129.22, which can get you around 3.4 oz. The Lancome La Nuit Tresor L’Eau De Parfum allows women to have that amber vanilla scent, perfect for that date you’re going! It’s sweetness or nothing as the 22nd placer, Montale Vanilla Cake Perfume, promotes that desert type of scent! Available at $126.22, you can get it for 3.4 oz. 

Least Expensive Vanilla-Scented Perfumes

On a tight budget, but still, want that velvety vanilla scent? Check out these five affordable perfumes! Priced at $118.00, you can get this 23rd perfume, KAYALI VANILLA | 28, for size of 3.4 oz. Consisting of vanilla orchids like Clive Christian XXI, this one has a mix of Tonka absolute and amber woods. Still around the $120 mark, this 24th perfume, El Born, from CARNER BARCELONA, can give you that amber floral scent with a Madagascar vanilla base note. Only $117.90, you can get this for 1.7 oz. 

From the brand Dior, here comes our 25th placer, Dior Addict, at $113.31. For every 3.4 oz, you can have the Bourbon vanilla scent to envelope you throughout the day! Just above the $100 budget, this 26th perfume is from EMPIRE, SAWALEF. It’s mixed with vanilla, sandalwood, and soft leather scent; this perfume ranges from mysterious and unique. Get this only for $108.30 at 2.8 oz!

Whether it’s for a woman or man, vanilla is for everyone to enjoy and wear! All products mentioned are original and are available online on their corresponding links. What are you waiting for? Have fun clicking and choosing the scent you want to wear for a special occasion or even just for an ordinary day! 



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