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Top 15 Most Expensive Animal NFT

Table of Contents:

1Snake2,170.55 USDOpensea
 Flamingo2,170.55 USDOpensea
2Two Pelican1,085.28 USDOpensea
 Pony1,085.28 USDOpensea
3Iguana434.11 USDOpensea
 Koi Fishes434.11 USDOpensea
4Amur Tiger399 USDCWWF-NFA
 Giant Ibis399 USDCWWF-NFA
 Persian Leopard399 USDCWWF-NFA
5Cross River Gorilla349 USDCWWF-NFA
 Vaquita349 USDCWWF-NFA
6Riverine Rabbit299 USDCWWF-NFA
7Spider217.06 USDOpensea
 Smallest Frog217.06 USDOpensea
 StarFish217.06 USDOpensea
 Catfish217.06 USDOpensea
 Bird217.06 USDOpensea
8Baltic Porpoise199 USDCWWF-NFA
9Mountain Gorilla149 USDCWWF-NFA
10Monkey85.18 USDOpensea
 Fish85.18 USDOpensea
 Shark85.18 USDOpensea
 Tuna85.18 USDOpensea
11Giant Panda79 USDCWWF-NFA
12Elephants42.59 USDOpensea
 Butterfly42.59 USDOpensea
13Megalodon21.30 USDOpensea
14Zebras4.26 USDOpensea
15Monkey0.85 USDOpensea


Image Source: WWF-NFA

Non-Fungible Token or NFT can be seen as digital assets that exist on a blockchain. According to NDTV, they exist on networked computers wherein records of digital transactions are kept and saved.  NFT has been rapidly becoming famous in this digital age, and many categories have emerged over the years. These categories include digital artworks, music, memes, virtual fashion, animals, and more! In our article, we focused on purchasable Animal NFT, or some would like to call them Non-Fungible Animals or NFA. Like NFT, NFA is available for purchase for a limited time and number. According to WWF-NFA, who sell Animal NFT, a crypto wallet is needed to purchase this, and it was developed as part of the World Wide Fund for Nature to help protect endangered species. Here, we compiled the available Animal NFT to see which of them were the most expensive.


Image Source: WWF-NFA

The topmost expensive animal NFT on our list was taken by the Snake and Flamingo NFT and sold at 0.5 ETH or around 2,170.55 USD on Opensea. They were followed at second place by the Two Pelicans, and Pony Don’t Shoot NFT priced at 0.25 ETH or 1,085.28 USD. Next, in third place are the Iguana and Koi Fishes Circle of Life NFT at 0.1 ETH or 434.11 USD, all of which are also available on Opensea. For the fourth-placed Animal NFT, we have those sold by WWF-NFA, which includes the Amur Tiger, Giant Ibis, Persian Leopard, and Sapia, sold at 399 USDC. The Cross River Gorilla and Vaquita followed them at fifth place, priced at 349 USD, still on WWF-NFA. Next, the Riverine Rabbit dominated sixth place, which is sold at 349 USDC. In addition, sharing the seventh place of our list are the Spider, Smallest Frog, StarFish, Catfish, and Bird, which Opensea sells for 0.05 ETH or around 217.06 USD. Next, the Baltic Porpoise took over the eighth place at 199 USDC sold in WWF-NFA, and lastly, at the ninth place is Mountain Gorilla priced at 149 USDC.


Image Source: Opensea

Among the affordable Animal NFT are those ranked at number 10, with the Monkey, Fish, Shark, and Tuna NFT priced at 0.02ETH or 85.18 USD. They can be bought using cryptocurrency in Opensea. In 11th place is the Giant Panda which is priced at 79 USDC and is sold by WWF-NFA. Next on the list at 12th place are Opensea’s Elephants and Butterflies priced at 0.01 ETH or 42.59 USD. Following them is the Megalodon at the 13th place with a value of 0.005 ETH or 21.30 USD, and the Zebras at 14th place at 0.001 ETH or 4.26 USD. Last but not least on our list is another Monkey which is super affordable and is priced at only 0.0002 ETH or less than a dollar. 


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