7 Things You Didn’t Know About Mark Daoust, CEO Of Quiet Light

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Mark Daoust is the founder and CEO of Quiet Light, a website brokerage firm that focuses on exit planning and the sales of internet businesses. 

Mark never initially planned to grow his business into a corporation. But as time went on, it naturally grew to be like it because of the many things that have happened and his desire to help other people in his team.

Here are some more things you didn’t know about Mark Daoust.

His Vision is to Inform Their Clients, Not Sell Their Businesses

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The main goal of their company is to give information so that the client will come to a well-defined conclusion and decide for themselves whether they want to sell the company or not.

He says that the decision of selling a business you built is a personal one and not necessarily driven by costs. Through many years of experience, the company has had a positive impact on the lives of their clients and their own lives as well.

He Puts His Faith in God First

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To balance his work and life, he said that he sticks to his priorities and has a good perspective in life. Managing time is the key. 

He does not shy away from saying that he has faith in God. In order of priority, he puts God first, followed by his family duties as husband and father. Only after these do business and personal responsibilities come.

He said that prioritizing them gives him the opportunity to make time for everything in his life and thus helps him achieve balance.

His Routine

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The daily routine of this business mogul includes making time for business in the day and family time in the evening. Sometimes he would complete some other work before going to bed. 

Every night, he and his wife would spend time with each other, catch up on each other’s day, and just relax.

He Made a Mistake During the Early Years of Being an Entrepreneur

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At the start of his career, he built a website business by himself. Even though, he said, that he got about triple the return for the investment he put into the website, if he could have outsourced the labor, he would have gained significantly more.

He First Designed a Website in 1998

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It was horrible, he said. However, we can all say that with the websites back then because of the limited available technology and tools. But during that time, because of his skill, he was able to create his own website.

A friend of his saw that Mark could sell a website which prompted the friend to reach out to ask for assistance. But it was not as easy as Mark initially thought it would. He learned a lot of lessons and was able to help his friend sell the business.

His Business is Born from Experience

He said in another podcast interview that he had had clients who never thought of selling their businesses wake up one day thinking about it. This is why their business process focuses on informing their clients what to expect and what they can consider.

He Has Four Key Principles When Selling an Online Business

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He calls them the four pillars of value. These are risk, growth, transferability, and documentation. Risk is the assessment of what can bring down the company. Growth is the opposite of growth. These include the potential paths to take. Transferability is how fast you can sell the business and what friction may happen when selling the company. Finally, documentation is what makes transactions smooth and efficient.


Through the many experiences of Mark Daoust, he is still learning and applying what he gathered to do his businesses and help others grow their businesses as well. What have you learned that you always apply in your life and business? 


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