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Height Comparison of Musicians in Anime

Lend me your ears and listen to the notes play! Come with us as we read along the Height Comparison of Musicians in Anime!

Table of Contents:

1Gotou Takuya185 cm (6’1”)TubaSound! Euphonium
2Kaji Akihiko184 cm (6’0”)DrumsGiven
3Hiiragi Kashima175 cm (5’9”)BassGiven
4Uenoyama Ritsuka175 cm (5’9”)Electric GuitarGiven
5Mafuyu Sato173 cm (5’8”)GuitarGiven
6Aiza Takeshi170 cm (5’7”)PianoYour Lie in April
7Rio Kasumiya168 cm (5’6”)TrumpetSound of The Sky
8Kousei Arima168 cm (5’6”)PianoYour Lie in April
9Kaori Nakaseko166 cm (5’5”)TrumpetSound! Euphonium
10Nagase Riko163 cm (5’4”)TubaSound! Euphonium
11Kenzaki Ririka163 cm (5’4”)OboeSound! Euphonium
12Mio Akiyama160 cm (5’3”)Bass GuitarK-ON!
13Emi Igawa158 cm (5’2”)PianoYour Lie in April
14Miyazono Kaori157 cm (5’2”)ViolinYour Lie in April
15Kanata Sorami157 cm (5’2”)BugleSound of The Sky
16Tsumugi Kotobuki157 cm (5’2”)KeyboardK-ON!
17Yui Hirasawa156 cm (5’1”)Electric GuitarK-ON!
18Saitou Aoi155 cm (5’1”)Tenor SaxophoneSound! Euphonium
19Ritsu Tainaka154 cm (5’1”)DrumsK-ON!
20Azusa Nakano150 cm (4’11”)Electric GuitarK-ON!

Tallest Musicians 

Even with the complicated arrangements, these tall musicians didn’t have any problems conquering heights. Claiming the top spot, Gotou Takuya plays the Tuba at his height of 185 cm (6’1”). Our next character plays to the beat of the drum; Kaji Akihiko takes 2nd with 184 cm (6’0”). From the Anime, Given, these two musicians got tied at exactly 175 cm (5’9”). For the 3rd, we have Hiiragi Kashima playing bass and Uenoyama Ritsuka on the 4th playing electric guitar.

Shortest Musicians 

Take inspiration from our short Anime musicians! Filling in on the 17th, we have Yui Hirasawa with 156 cm (5’1”) and her electric guitar. Two other characters are tied at 5’1”. Coming in next on the 18th is Saitou Aoi and her tenor saxophone. The other one is Ritsu Tainaka in the 19th, playing drums. Settling at the last place is another electric guitar player, Azusa Nakano with 150 cm (4’11”).



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