How Does Caitlin Reilly Make Money?

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If you’ve ever scrolled your way through TikTok, there’s a high chance you’ve seen a skit or two by actress and comedian Caitlin Reilly. Loved for her accurate interpretations of stereotypically problematic people, the 32-year-old creative does a swell job in articulating how many of us feel about the “Karens” of the world.  

Barely a little over a year with her newfound stardom, the rising TikToker is beginning to make a bigger name for herself outside the video-sharing smartphone app. And with all that’s coming her way, it’s safe to say that this force of a woman is only bound to keep making bank.

All that said, how much is Caitlin Reilly making?

To better understand the math behind her success, let’s take a look at the stuff she’s a part of.


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Answering the question, “how does Caitlin Reilly make money” isn’t a tough task because we all know she makes stellar content.  

Because of the evolving creative economy, influencers like her can commodify as many mediums as possible. For instance, her growing Youtube channel, which currently has over 500,000 subscribers, is forecasted to make anywhere between $14,900 – $42,00 a month, according to an article by Vid Repeat. The same piece also cites that Reilly’s per video price performance can fall between $1,343 to $3,835.

Meanwhile, Celebs Life Reel reports that her TikTok account–which now has more than 2 million followers–affords her roughly $900 to $3,000 per sponsored upload, following her usual 20.89% engagement rate. 

Furthermore, having an impressive 700,000-follower count on Instagram doesn’t hurt her one bit, too. The same celebrity net worth website reports tell us that she can charge anywhere between $1,000 to $3,000 per sponsored post, given her 15.80% engagement rate on the Zuckerberg-owned platform. 

Naturally, and as with any other celebrity, mainstream or otherwise, there is no set rate card for these things, and one can only guess based on standard industry computations. This means fees for agencies, photographers, copywriters, and other talents involved in the production and coming up with dynamic content have to be factored in, as well.  


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A quick visit to all of her social media accounts will reveal that Caitlin Reilly’s bread and butter really is TikTok as her Instagram page and Youtube account all have similar, if not exactly the same, content she posts on the platform where it all started for her. 

In fact, many of her TikTok uploads find their way to Instagram and Youtube, as well—and understandably so! As the number one reason for her success is her impersonations, it only makes sense why the multi-hyphenated powerhouse—a term she uses in her social media bios about her—would keep banking on the machinery that has helped make her an internet celebrity. 

Still, Caitlin Reilly is expanding her reach.

Just recently, it was announced that the popular TikToker would be part of a movie called “Wrong Reasons.” Here, she’s slated to play a primetime television anchor alongside Matt Passmore, Desean Terry, James Parks, and many others. 

Another exciting gig that’s well within her horizon is her guest appearance on the longest-running entertainment program in ABC’s General Hospital. It’s worth noting that her father, who was a huge part of the daytime drama as Sean Donely, passed away earlier this year. 

To pay tribute, the network is casting the comedian to play her dad’s daughter in the show. 


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If you pool all of the avenues Caitlin Reilly makes money from, she’s assumed to have made at least $27,000 at this point, according to Stars Offline.  

With a thriving career going for her, TikTok star Caitlyn Reilly has the world for the taking. While many of the gigs she’s a part of remain a secret as of this writing, it’s worth citing that this woman is going places—literally. 

Just last week, she documented on her Instagram account the comedic chronicles of her New York trip. Not only did she mention that she was there for a project, but she also commented on the horrors of the airport hotel she stayed at. 

All these taken into account, Caitlin Reilly’s net worth is believed to be between the $50,000 and $200,000 price range, says Information Cradle and Celebs Reel Life, respectively. Concurrently, Stars Offline writes that the comedian’s net worth could possibly ring in a whopping $750,000. 

Whether the annoying WASP mom or the ambitious dancer-slash-scientist who pursues her dreams, it’s pretty clear that Caitlyn Reilly is putting the fun in funny in everything she does. 


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