Top 20 Tallest Gods & Goddesses in Anime

Ready to see who reigns at the top? Check out our size comparison of the Top 20 Tallest Gods & Goddesses in Anime!

Table of Contents:

1Ryuk198 cm (6’6”)Death Note
2Han Daewi187 cm (6’2”)The God of High School
3Mikage185 cm (6’0”)Kamisama Kiss
4Otohiko183 cm (6’0”)Kamisama Kiss
5Momou Inugami177 cm (5’10”)Binbougami ga
6Bishamonten174 cm (5’9”)Noragami
7Yato173 cm (5’8”)Noragami
8Sadao Maou173 cm (5’8”)The Devil is a Part-Timer
9Beerus170 cm (5’7”)Dragon Ball
10Ishtar170 cm (5’7”)DanMachi
11Akito Sohma164 cm (5’5”)Fruits Basket
12Tanpopo164 cm (5’5”)Binbougami ga
13Belldandy165 cm (5’5”)Ah! My Goddess
14Loki165 cm (5’5”)DanMachi
15Hephaestus165 cm (5’5”)DanMachi
16Nanami Momozono162 cm (5’4”)Kamisama Kiss
17Kofuku163.48 cm (5’4”)Noragami
18Haruhi Suzumiya157 cm (5’2”)The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
19Momiji Binboda157 cm (5’2”)Binbougami ga
20Hestia140 cm (4’7”)DanMachi

Tallest Gods and Goddesses

For the first character in our top 20 tallest gods and goddesses, we have Ryuk from Death Note, with his height being 198 cm (6’6”). He tops this comparison while Han Daewi, from The God of High School, follows in 2nd with 187 cm (6’2”). Coming in 3rd is Mikage from Kamisama Kiss with 185 cm (6’0”).

Another god from Kamisama Kiss tied with Mikage is Otohiko, taking 4th. Next, a character from Binbougami ga, Momou Inugami, lands in 5th with 177 cm (5’10”). Approaching 6th, we have Bishamonten, from Noragami, who is 174 cm (5’9”).

Shortest Gods and Goddesses

Looking tall at 5’4”, we have Nanami Momozono from Kamisama Kiss on the 16th. With the same height, here is Kofuku at 17th from Noragami. Third, to the last is Haruhi Suzumiya at 18th with 157 cm (5’2”) from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Now, it’s second to the last with Momiji Binboda on the 19th with 157 cm (5’2”) also. Then, lastly is Hestia on the 20th from DanMachi with 140 cm (4’7”).



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