Top 20 Tallest Demons and Vampires in Anime

Ever wondered who among the demons and vampires in anime is the tallest? Worry no more ‘cause we’ve come prepared with this size comparison of the Top 20 Tallest Demons and Vampires in Anime!

1Mephisto Pheles195 cm (6’5”)Blue Exorcist
2Lily191 cm (6’3”)Servamp
3Father Abel Nightroad191 cm (6’3”)Trinity Blood
4Sebastian Michaelis186 cm (6’1”)Black Butler
5Yukio Okumura180 cm (5’11”)Blue Exorcist
6Ildio180 cm (5’11”)Servamp
7René Simm180 cm (5’11”)Seraph of the End
8Muzan Kibutsuji179 cm (5’10”)Demon Slayer
9Kuro177 cm (5’10”)Servamp
10Hyde176 cm (5’9”)Servamp
11Ronald Knox175 cm (5’9”)Black Butler
12Grelle Sutcliff175cm (5’9”)Black Butler
13Freya174 cm (5’9”)Servamp
14Sesshōmaru174 cm (5’9”)InuYasha
15Rin Okumura173 cm (5’8”)Blue Exorcist
16Mikaela Hyakuya173 cm (5’8”)Seraph of the End
17Akaza173 cm (5’8”)Demon Slayer
18Inuyasha168 cm (5’6”)InuYasha
19Nezuko Kamado153 cm (5’0”)Demon Slayer
20Krul Tepes145 cm (4’9”)Seraph of the End

Tallest Demons and Vampires

In line with six, we have the top four characters who reached 6’0”. First up is the tallest of them all, Mephisto Pheles from Blue Exorcist with 195 cm (6’5”). Second, we have Lily from Servamp with 191 cm (6’3”). 

Taking 3rd is none other than Father Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood with the exact height as Lily. The last character to have a six on their height is Sebastian Michaelis. He is from Black Butler and lands in 4th with 186 cm (6’1”).

Shortest Demons and Vampires

Down to the last three characters, we have Inuyasha from the same Anime with Sesshōmaru. He lands in 18th with 168 cm (5’6”). Taking off six inches, we have Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer at 19th with 153 cm (5’0”). On the 20th is our last character for this comparison, Krul Tepes. She is from Seraph of the End, standing tall with 145 cm (4’9”).



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