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We’ve seen how Holostars has taken the Virtual Youtubers scene by storm. This all-male VTuber agency consists of Shien, Izuru, Astel, Oga, Roberu, Miyabi, Rikka, Temma, and Aruran, who all have a large Youtube following. With their popularity, we know you might have wanted to replicate their unique style. With this, we have compiled some of the Holostars costume guides for all of you who want to dress like these fantastic stars!


Image Source: Holostars Fandom Wiki & Amazon
  1. Dress Shirt – First, don a black dress shirt and roll the sleeves to expose your arms.
  2. Black Vest – On top of the dress shirt, wear a fitted, double-breasted black vest.
  3. Scarf – Then, loosely wear a dark purple scarf around your neck.
  4. Leather Gloves – Next, look sleek and hot by wearing short black gloves.
  5. Skinny Pants – For the bottoms, wear skinny black pants to emphasize your legs.
  6. High Top Sneakers – Lastly, complete Kageyama’s look with black, comfortable high-top sneakers.


Image Source: Holostars Fandom Wiki & Amazon
  1. Cosplay Set – We found Izuru’s cosplay set, including his iconic handprint inside shirt, black and blue jacket with the collars turned up, cat ears with metal hardware, blue shorts with a harness, and even his matching spiked collar.
  2. Black Boots – The set only lacks his black ankle-length black boots to complete his get-up.


Image Source: Holostars Fandom Wiki & Amazon
  1. Yellow Kimono – First, don an inside yellow, short kimono tied around the waist for a tight fit.
  2. Blue Kimono – Next, top it with a longer blue kimono that is left open.
  3. Shin-length Pants – For the bottoms, cop a navy blue jogger pants, and roll it just slightly below your kneecaps, or until mid-shin.
  4. Brown Sandals – For the footwear, look for brown criss-cross sandals or something similar.
  5. Blue Wig – Top the look with Astel’s blue wig and style it with gold highlights for a more stylish look.


Image Source: Holostars Fandom Wiki & Amazon
  1. Red Wig – Of course, Hanasaki is known for his luscious red hair, and you can replicate his look by wearing a red chin-length wig.
  2. Black Turtleneck – Wear this black turtleneck with long sleeves for your inside shirt.
  3. White Hoodie – On top of the black turtleneck, don a white, short-sleeved hoodie and style it with yellow ribbons.
  4. Black Chino Shorts – For the bottoms, wear black chino shorts that fall slightly under your knees.
  5. Lace-up Boots – Hanasaki also wears over-the-calf black socks and lace-up boots. It’s a bonus if the shoes have heels to stay true to the character.
  6. Sakura Hair Clip – Finish the look with a pink cherry blossom hair clip.

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Image Source: Holostars Fandom Wiki & Amazon
  1. Dress Shirt – Temma has one of the most straightforward looks to replicate as he wears a simple grey dress shirt underneath.
  2. Black Vest – Top the grey shirt with a black elegant, double-breasted vest.
  3. Black Pants – Pair the dress shirt and vest with equally sleek and formal black pants.
  4. Suspenders – Skip the belt and opt for trustier suspenders hanging on the side of the pants.
  5. Oxford Shoes – Top the look with black oxfords, and you’re going to ace Temma’s look.


Image Source: Holostars Fandom Wiki & Amazon
  1. Dress Shirt – First, look sleek with a simple white dress shirt.
  2. Necktie – Next, accent your white shirt with a solid green necktie. It’s a bonus if you can accent the look with matching collar pins.
  3. Formal Suit – Then, don a matching black jacket suit and pants for an elevated look.
  4. Oxford Shoes – Complete the look with dark brown oxford shoes, and you’re ready to be a Holostars member!

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