11 Best Anime Ads You Shouldn’t Miss

Table of Contents:

  1. Fast Food Advertisements
  2. One Piece Advertisements
  3. Attack On Titan Advertisements
  4. Snickers Advertisements
  5. 7/11 Advertisement


Image Source: YouTube – KB/Ultra Munch

1. McDonald’s Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Ad Campaign – Here’s one of the reasons why Japan is on the next level! This McDonald’s commercial got stunning animation, graphics, and storyline. With that, the persuasiveness of the ad is compelling! The ad follows the heartwarming and inspiring story of a “senpai-kouhai” relationship; hence, showcasing McDonald’s Japan’s aim to recruit future crew members.

2. McDonald’s Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Ad Campaign (Sequel) – For the sequel, McDonald’s Japan showed how career journeys unfold. Just like a YouTube user named Tysen P, “fast food works are stepping stones.” 

3. McDonald’s Anime Christmas Commercial 2019 You will not believe that this is just a commercial! Once again, the animation and graphics are stunning. Of course, the ad gives us a glimpse of the strong friendship bonds despite pursuing different careers. In the end, they are bonded by the winter-exclusive sandwich of  McDonald’s Japan, the Gratin Croquette, as revealed by JapanToday.


Image Source: YouTube – Game Player Link/TopaFighter

1. One Piece X Nissin Hungry Days Commercial Straying away from the comedy and their pirate adventures, the Strawhat Pirates are now dressed as high school students who chase after their dreams! Then, the Nissin Cup Noodles serve as their comfort food. According to the One Piece Fandom Wiki, the One Piece anime and Nissin Foods collaborated to bring this masterpiece to life in May 2019. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best anime ads ever created.

2. One Piece Fanta Commercial In this ad, it looks like the Fanta drink heightened the quirkiness of Luffy and Chopper! Also, these pirates can rap? That said, this commercial approach makes you want to grab your own Fanta drink!


Image Source: YouTube – LuentrixGames/Meiji/hoshi S

1. Attack On Titan Meiji Energy Drink Commercial – Now, here’s why Japan has the best anime ads. The first commercials we’ve featured focused more on tugging our heartstrings. But, the Attack On Titan ones focused on comedic skits. With this Meiji Energy Drink ad, we now know where Mikasa got her superhuman-like strength.

2. Attack On Titan X Schick Commercial – This is one of the funniest commercial collaborations ever created in 2014. In here, the Survey Corps strayed from eliminating the Titans. Instead, they helped them achieve a fresher look by shaving their beards. It’s not just that; there are also freebies from the purchases.

3. Attack On Titan X Uno Skin Care CommercialFor the latest ad about Attack On Titan, we’ve got a skincare reveal. The dashing and popular characters of the series revealed their routines and the product they recommend, the Uno product.


Image Source: YouTube – Paradox Anime Channel/Luentrix Games

1. Dr. Stone Snickers CommercialSnickers got a funny way to advertise their product. Just like the popular meme says, the anime would’ve ended early if the characters had Snickers to solve the Petrification. It looks like this is a new concoction in Dr. Stone’s list.

2. Attack On Titan Snickers Commercial – Well, this Attack On Titan ad is both funny and weird. The Survey Corps abandoned using violence and fed the Titans the Snickers chocolate to alleviate their irritation. What a plot twist!


Image Source: YouTube – Souei TV

1. 7/11 Anime CommercialLet’s end our list of best anime ads by featuring another heartwarming ad from 7/11. It shows that coffee can form a lasting friendship.

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