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How To Dress Like Disney’s Encanto Characters

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Disney’s newest upcoming computer-animated movie, entitled Encanto, is set to be released real soon! This coming November 24, the fantasy comedy film will feature Disney’s first-ever main character who wears glasses in the character of Mirabel. Undoubtedly, a lot of kids will be relating to her. Along with Mirabel’s family members, called the Madrigals, they will be showing their unique powers and abilities. If you want to get a head start on dressing like the Madrigals, we compiled their costume guides for you to wear on Halloween or for the film’s premiere release!



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We know everyone wants to dress like Encanto’s main character, so here’s how to cop Mirabel’s look down to a T. With a white short-sleeved top like this blouse, pair it with a flowy blue-green midi skirt and pink strappy sandals. Oh! And don’t forget to style your hair into Mirabel’s signature curls and complete the look with thin-rimmed round glasses and blue round studs for extra oomph.


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Next, we have Mirabel’s estranged uncle Bruno. His style is not so hard to replicate since he can usually be seen wearing a green Pancho. Match it with brown corduroy pants, cuffed or folded twice for style, with simple flip-flops, and you’re good to go. It will just be a bonus if you have slightly messy shoulder-length hair to complete the look.


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If you love Isabela’s lilac layered and frilled dress that was decorated with flowers, we found a dress that closely resembles it. Cop her look with a lacey dress and pair it with lilac flats. Isabela could also be seen with sparkly earrings, and you can imitate her voluminous, shiny, and flowy hair with some hair extensions. Lastly, finish the look by putting a pink or lilac flower clip on the right side of your hair. You’ll indeed be feeling fresh and lovely with this stylish look.


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Luisa is the most formidable character in Encanto. To replicate this strong woman’s look, start with a simple white blouse with a red bowtie. Of course, you can improvise her bowtie using a red ribbon or even laces. Next, pair the blouse with a dark blue maxi skirt and matching blue espadrilles or close-toed flats. Finally, complement the look with stylish blue cuff bracelets on both arms or gym-worthy wrist bands for more functionality since Luisa loves lifting things.


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Antonio is one of the few characters who changed outfits, as seen in the film trailer. Cop his laid-back look with a striped, yellow long-sleeved shirt with brown corduroy pants, folded a few times until mid-shin. For the footwear, get any comfortable brown closed-toe shoes. Complete your costume with Antonio’s animal friends like a stuffed tiger or a toucan plushie, if you want to be extra.

Image Source: Encanto Fandom Wiki & Amazon

You can also opt for Antonio’s other outfit. This white ensemble is easier to find and includes fewer props. You only need a white gentleman suit set and cream belt for a soft and young look. Top off the costume with curled hair, and you’ll perfect Antonio’s look.


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Last but not the least, we have Mirabel’s grandmother, Abuela Alma. She is a loving figure who wears conservative clothes. To replicate her look, don a long-sleeved wine-red long dress. It’s a bonus if the dress is vintage and high-necked. Also, don’t forget her black scarf or sweater for a more cozy look, and top the costume with white dangling earrings and a butterfly brooch pinned on your waist.

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