Size Comparison: Peppa Pig Characters

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1GeraldGiraffe180 cm
2PedroPony144 cm
3PeppaPig135 cm
4SuzySheep117 cm
5EmilyElephant91 cm
6FreddieFox76 cm
7DannyDog61 cm
8RebeccaRabbit50 cm
9CandyCat39 cm
10MollyMole15 cm
11MandyMouse11 cm


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Peppa Pig’s height remains a mystery. In this article, we will discover Peppa’s size through her real-life counterpart. It’s not just that; we will also unravel all of the Peppa Pig series’ main characters’ sizes, especially Peppa’s friends. We gathered our data from trusted sources such as Dimensions, Live Science, Zoologist, Animal Corner, Elephants Of Africa, Brittanica, Animal Path, and The Ultimate Equestrian. Without further ado, here’s the size comparison of Peppa Pig characters!


We have five characters who dominated the “Biggest Characters” category. Among them, Gerald is the biggest since the average height for a Giraffe is 180 centimeters. Down to the second placer, we have Pedro, the Pony, who has a height of 144 centimeters. For Peppa, she is the third placer since the average size for a Pig is 135 centimeters. Then, Emily, the Elephant placed last, for she bears a height of 91 centimeters. This height is the average size for young Elephants.

Image Source: Peppa Pig Fandom Wiki


As for the “Smallest Characters” category, we have six characters to get to know about. At the sixth place, we have Freddie the Fox, who bears a height of 76 centimeters. He was followed by Danny the Dog with a size of 61 centimeters. Then, Rebecca has 11 centimeters height advantage against Candy. To conclude our size comparison of Peppa Pig characters, we have two characters who are deemed to be “smallest” among the small. Molly and Mandy have a small size gap of 4 centimeters since they both belong to the family of Rodents.

Image Source: Peppa Pig Fandom Wiki

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