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Size Comparison: Marine Reptiles from Dinosaur Train

Table of Contents:

  • Marine Reptiles as Actors
  • Biggest Marine Reptiles
  • Smallest Marine Reptiles

1Mosasaurus59 ft15 tons
2Shonisaurus50 ft30 tons
3Pliosaurus49 ft45 tons
4Elasmosaurus45 ft2 tons
5Liopleurodon30 ft10 tons
6Globidens20 ft0.45 tons
7Ophthalmosaurus19 ft3 tons
8Polycotylus16 ft0.5 tons
9Archelon13 ft2 tons
10Ichthyosaurus6 ft0.09 tons
11Mesosaurus3 ft0.006 tons

Marine Reptiles of Dinosaur Train

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Travel back in time through the Dinosaur Train with these friendly marine reptiles! The ocean indeed holds so many stories of different creatures, no matter how small or big they are. From Dinosaur Train Wiki, let’s have a look at this size comparison of marine reptiles from Dinosaur Train!

Biggest Marine Reptiles

Can gigantic marine reptiles be a valid reason why the ocean is scary? Our 1st character to top this comparison is a Mosasaurus with 59 ft and 15 tons. The 2nd is a Shonisaurus with 50 ft and 30 tons. For the 3rd placer, we have Pliosaurus with 49 ft and 45 tons. While landing next to this reptile is an Elasmosaurus in 4th place with 45 ft and 2 tons. 

Next is our 5th placer in this comparison; we have Liopleurodon with 30 ft and 10 tons. The last one counted as an enormous marine reptile is our 6th placer, Globidens, with 20 ft and 0.45 tons. With a bit of difference between their sizes and weights, likely, their sizes don’t matter. It would also be the case that if they appear to be slim, their size won’t affect their weights.

Smallest Marine Reptiles

On to the latter part of the ranking, we have Ophthalmosaurus in 7th place with 19 ft and 3 tons. Our 8th placer, Polycotylus, stands 16 ft and 0.5 tons. Standing in 9th place is Archelon with 13 ft and 2 tons. The second to the last, Ichthyosaurus, displays 6 ft and 0.09 tons. Lastly, 11th place is for a Mesosaurus with 3 ft and 0.006 tons. 

These marine reptiles may be the smallest in this comparison; they’re still huge in the human eyes!  



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