Size Comparison of Dinosaur Train Main Characters

These guys are born to be on stage! A massive welcome for the Size Comparison of Dinosaur Train Main Characters!

Table of Contents:

1Buddy (Tyrannosaurus)15 ft15,432 lbs
2Mr. Pteranodon18 ft44 lbs
3Don Pteranodon18 ft44 lbs
4Mrs. Pteranodon12 ft25 lbs
5Tiny Pteranodon12 ft25 lbs
6Shiny Pteranodon12 ft25 lbs
7Mr. Conductor (Troodon)11 ft110 lbs

Dinosaurs as Characters For a Kids’ Show

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Traces from these creatures remain on the face of the earth, such as their fossils or their bones. Though they’re portrayed as scary beings, Dinosaur Train could still show a funny and educational show for the kids.

The Biggest Dinosaurs as Main Characters

Ranked one at the top of this comparison, this character is someone who’s in love with knowledge. A young Tyrannosaurus named Buddy takes the first spot with 15 ft and 15,432 lbs. His kind is one of the dinosaurs that lived long ago and is one of the feared creatures, as they are meat-eaters or carnivores. 

For our 2nd place up to 3rd, they are occupied by the two males from the Pteranodon Family that adopted Buddy. They are flying reptiles, which means they can fly despite their weight. These two are tied with 18 ft and 44 lbs. Mr. Pteranodon comes first and then is followed by the third son, Don Pteranodon.

Even The Smallest are Put to The Spotlight

The females of the Pteranodon Family are also a part of this comparison; they are a big family. Like the males, the females are also tied with 12 ft and 25 lbs. First up is the family’s mother, Mrs. Pteranodon, standing at 4th place. After, is the couple’s eldest child, Tiny, at 5th place and their youngest, Shiny, at 6th.

Next, we have Mr. Conductor, a Troodon, which is a bird-like dinosaur. Standing at 7th place with 11 ft and 110 lbs, he works as the train’s conductor. His job makes it possible for him to be close with others. What a bunch of friendly dinosaurs!


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