Size Comparison: Shark Characters Of Octonauts

Table of Octonauts

1Whale Shark45 ft41,000 lbsBluish Gray
2Tiger Shark18 ft2,000 lbsGray
3Great White Shark16 ft4,000 lbsPale Gray
4Hammerhead Shark13.1 ft580 lbsBluish Gray
5Lemon Shark12.1 ft551 lbsYellow
6Great Whitetip Shark11 ft201.8 lbsGray-bronze
7Cookiecutter Shark4 ftNot DisclosedDark Brown, Tan, Beige
8Swell Shark2.6 ft10 lbsOrange Brown
9Dwarf Shark0.66 ft2 lbsBrown


Out of all the Octonauts’ adventures, the shark encounters are one of the thrilling! From tame ones to the most dangerous, the Octonauts successfully met these sharks. But an interesting angle we can explore is the size comparison of these shark characters! Our list includes the Whale Shark, Tiger Shark, Great White Shark, Lemon Shark, Swell Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Great Whitetip Shark, Cookiecutter Shark, and Dwarf Shark.

Image Source: Octonauts Fandom Wiki


Since the Octonauts’ Fandom Wiki didn’t fully disclose the size of these characters, we will feature their real-life sizes instead. Our Hall of Famer is none other than the Whale Shark who bears a size of 45 feet, as revealed by PBS. The second placer has a 27 feet size gap from the Whale Shark; it’s none other than the Tiger Shark. According to Oceana, Tiger Sharks have an average size of 18 feet. Then, the category for the largest sharks ends at the Great Whitetip Shark, which is 11 feet in size. Moving on to the smallest sharks, we have three sharks to feature; the Cookiecutter, Swell, and Dwarf Sharks. The Cookiecutter shark stands at 4 feet in height, while the Swell Shark has 2.6 feet in size. On the other hand, the Dwarf Shark is 0.66 feet, making it the smallest shark in the world.

Image Source: Octonauts Fandom Wiki


Right after the size comparison, let’s see who are the heaviest and lightest sharks! Once again, the Whale Shark bagged first place for its weight of 41,000 pounds. The second placer is the Great White Shark, which weighs 4,000 pounds, replacing the Tiger Shark. Then once again, the Great Whitetip Shark ends the category for the heaviest sharks since it weighs 208.1 pounds. As for the lightest sharks, we have the Swell and Dwarf Sharks. The Swell Shark is 8 pounds heavier than Dwarf Shark. Now, that conclueds the size comparison of these shark characters.

Image Source: Octonauts Fandom Wiki

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