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Octonauts: Jellyfish Characters in Real Life

There are still more creatures to see under the sea! From the Octonauts Wiki, let’s take a look at the Octonauts’ Jellyfish characters in real life! 

Dorian the Immortal Jellyfish

Image Source: Octonauts Wiki & Science ABC

You may think that the gods are the only immortal beings. But have you seen Dorian the Immortal Jellyfish? In one of the Octonauts’ episodes, The Immortal Jellyfish, Dorian appeared with a clear body and baby blue tentacles. Based on its real-life counterpart, an immortal jellyfish has a clear body and ocean blue-colored tentacles. Even their orange-colored faces are the same. The only difference would be the eyes and mouth of Dorian. 

Leo the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

Image Source: Octonauts Wiki & Active Wild

Beware of lions! Not just in the zoo or the forest, but underwater as well! As shown in Octonauts, Leo is a Lion’s Mane Jellyfish. Leo’s upper tentacles appear to be yellow, while the bottom ones are blue. He also has a light blue shower cap on his head; it’s like he’s taking a shower underwater! A Lion’s Mane Jellyfish may have a close resemblance to Leo in Octonauts. But in real life, they are feared for their long tentacles because of their poison, as stated in Oceana. So, if ever you spot one on the beach, it’s better to stay away from them!

Sea Nettle Jellyfish

Image Source: DeviantArt & Shutterbug

Another jellyfish character that you need to look out for is a Sea Nettle Jellyfish. They appear to have a transparent pink color shown in a few Octonauts episodes. According to ThoughtCo., some sea nettles in real life have vivid golden colors and other variations. But there are pink ones in real life, just like the one in Shutterbug. One example of how dangerous they are is when they stung Captain Barnacles’ paw in The Jellyfish Bloom episode. It must’ve hurt a lot for Captain Barnacles, right? 


Image Source: Octonauts Wiki & Critter Squad

The last jellyfish character we’ll see resides in the Midnight Zone, the deepest part of the ocean featured in Octonauts. In The Octonauts and the Siphonophore, they are a group of small creatures linked together, and they have different appearances from one another. In real life, it’s shown that they appear to have an orange and reddish color, unlike their blue counterparts in Octonauts. As explained in Ocean Twilight Zone, each organism catches prey, digests, and reproduces. It has been exciting learning about the jellyfish characters shown in Octonauts. As they say, it’s fun to learn new things every day!



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