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Hero Elementary Characters: Civilian to Hero Transformation

Welcome to the school for the super kids! From the Hero Elementary Wiki, we’ll be looking at the Hero Elementary characters’ civilian to hero transformation!

Lucita Sky

Image Source: Hero Elementary Wiki

Everyone knows what a school stands for. It is to help children master their innate talents and support them towards the direction they want to venture. For the first character in this comparison, Lucita Sky stands as Sparks’ Crew’s group leader. Because she has a fear of heights, it’s an internal problem with her ability to fly. Although that’s the case, she’s on her way to battling her way out of it. When she’s in superhero mode, she wears a purple cape and boots. Along with it are a blue skirt, long sleeves, and leggings. Lucita’s white shirt has the group’s symbol on it, like an identity that she’s a superhero.

Benny Bubbles

Image Source: Hero Elementary Wiki

Don’t let this big guy fool you because of his build! Benny Bubbles is the most softhearted member of the Sparks’ Crew. With his heart of gold, his bubbles serve as a weapon and for protection in many ways. Benny’s hero transformation consists of red gloves, a white shirt under a blue vest with the team’s logo, and blue shorts. He’s always ready to protect the bystanders and the animals. Get you a guy who’s a gentleman and animal lover, right?

Sara Snap

Image Source: Hero Elementary Wiki

With just a snap of a finger, Sara Snap will be right with you! It’s not just teleportation that she can do. There’s also weight alteration, super shouting, and super leaping. Everything she does is super, even her super strength! In times of danger, Sara changes the color of her hair ties from blue to red. She wears a blue hoodie with the crew’s logo and lightning shapes on her sleeves. Sara’s outfit is paired off with long purple boots. Her left red glove can be seen shining; this communication device contacts the other members.

AJ Gadgets

Image Source: Hero Elementary Wiki

The brains of the team, Aj Gadgets!  One thing to know about this kid, he is autistic. But did it ever bring problems with him and his team? Certainly not! As part of the Sparks’ Crew, AJ helps in missions using technology to create weapons for the members. His ability of thought projection helps him in building his tools. AJ’s outfit contains a blue sweater-like logo with the team’s blue jeans and red gloves. His backpack also doubles as housing for his devices and a jetpack, honestly mind-blowing!

Mr. Sparks 

Image Source: Hero Elementary Wiki

An elementary school without a teacher? That’s a no! But we have Mr. Sparks handling the role of a mentor, a courageous one at that! When he’s outside with the Sparks’ Crew, he only wears civilian clothes. If he’s out and teaching the kids at school, he wears a blue long-sleeved polo with a red tie, blue pants, and red sneakers. It’s still unknown if Mr. Sparks has powers. So, if he shows it one day, make sure to let us know!

Fur Blur

Image Source: Hero Elementary Wiki

If the class pet is not available, a super pet should do the job! Fur Blur is not any super pet; she’s part of the Sparks’ Crew! Her super speed lets her zoom her way through the tiniest paths. Not only that, but she also has a super appetite! If that doesn’t count as a superpower, why don’t we let her prove it with a heap of carrots?

There’s still more the Sparks’ Crew can do, and their journey is still ongoing! Did we miss any difference from the Hero Elementary Characters: Civilian to Hero Transformation? 



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