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CoComelon Voice Actors | Where Are They Now? (2019 vs. 2021)

CoComelon had Youtube and Netflix by storm as its videos chart top of the list. It is a captivating show made especially for toddlers, and it contains relatable and charming songs from which kids can follow and learn. Now, let’s see who are behind the voices of CoComelon‘s fun characters.


Image Source: IMDb & CoComelon Website

JJ is one of the show’s main characters. His real name is Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, and this adorable baby is voiced by the young actress Ava Madison Gray. According to IMDb, Gray also voices Bella, who is around two to three years old and can occasionally be seen in some episodes.


Image Source: CoComelon Website

Hannah An is one of the actresses in the show who voices multiple characters! Cocomelon is her debut show, and she has voiced Yoyo, Tomtom, and the collective school children since 2019. In 2015, she took part in the video Women of Action: Redefining the Super Hero and received special thanks.


Image Source: IMDb & CoComelon Website

From the super cute Nina to the lovely Cece, Alice Cho gives her all in bringing the girls to life! She had appeared in at least 60 episodes of Cocomelon. Her previous works include LeapFrog: Let’s Go to School as a part of the animation department. She made the video short as an overseas animation supervisor back in 2009.


Image Source: IMDb

Kristen Princiotta is one of the adult casts of the show. She voices Mom and Mimi the Mouse with her versatile and fantastic voice. She is also part of CoComelon’s music department as a singer for the CoComelon Sing-Alongs, Kids’ Favorites, Fun Pack, and Playdate with JJ.


Image Source: IMDb

Of course, CoComelon also values inclusivity in its show. With this goal in mind, they include an ASL translator in the person of Erin Webbs. Webbs helps deaf and hard-of-hearing kids learn from and enjoy the show. Aside from being part of CoComelon, she is also a director, writer, producer, cinematographer, and editor. She started translating for the show in 2019 while also acting as Bobby in the video short Wish Moon. In 2021, she appeared in The Big Date and The Marriage Counselor. Also, in the same year, Webbs took part in The Deaf Scientist as Erin, the ASL Interpreter. In addition, the future is bright for Webbs as she already has an upcoming project for next year, entitled Talk to the Hands, where she will be the VP Interpreter.


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