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Dragons: Rescue Riders Voice Actors | Where Are They Now? (2016 vs. 2021)

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Dragons: Rescue Riders Voice Actors


Image Source: Dragons: Rescue Riders Wiki/IMDb

Before providing her voice for Leyla, Brown has demonstrated her strength as a singer by joining prestigious singing contests such as America’s Got Talent and The Voice. Also, her IMDb page revealed that she had performed several soundtracks for Disney series such as Sofia the First and Tangle: The Series. This year, she will reprise her role as Leyla for the third season of Dragon: Rescue Riders.


Image Source: Dragons: Rescue Riders Wiki/IMDb

If Dak sounds familiar, it’s because he shares the same voice actor with Gumball Watterson from Cartoon Network’s The Amazing World of Gumball. Cantu has not only been part of popular animated series, but he is also part of the infamous The Walking Dead: World Beyond television series. Now, according to IMDb, Cantu has a busy career since he will return as Dak’s voice actor and join Steven Spielberg on the upcoming film The Fabelmans.


Image Source: Dragons: Rescue Riders Wiki/IMDb

Callison has built his name in showbiz at the young age of seven. Aside from acting, Callison provided the voice to different characters we love today. We have Steven Universe, Prince James of Sofia the First, and Winger, to name a few. For 2021, Callison has an epic adventure since he will be part of the upcoming Injustice animated film.


Image Source: Dragons: Rescue Riders Wiki/IMDb

Summer is as remarkable as her voice actress. Before starring in Dragons: Rescue Riders, Skai Jackson was named as one of Time’s Most Influential Teens in 2016. After that, we have heard her provide the voice of Summer and Isa’s voice from Dora the Explorer. This year, aside from reprising her voice acting role for Summer, Jackson is preparing for her upcoming shows such as Sex Appeal, The Man in the White Van, and Peter Pan, Land of Forever.


Image Source: Dragons: Rescue Riders Wiki/IMDb

Aside from voice acting, Bentley has starred in numerous TV series and short films. He had roles in films such as Sydney To The Max and Call Your Mother. For 2021, he will lend his voice to Buff from the upcoming TV series, Batwheels.


Image Source: Dragons: Rescue Riders Wiki/IMDb

You will not believe who Cutter shares his voice with! Andre Robinson is a young and experienced voice actor, providing the voice of Clyde McBride from The Loud House, Hudson from Family Guy, and Oliver from Summer Camp Island. But, there’s more to expect from Robinson. We have read from his IMDb page that he will have three upcoming shows. These are A Tale Dark & Grimm, Cheaper By The Dozen, and the third season of Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Image Source: Dragons: Rescue Riders Wiki/IMDb

Aggro’s award-winning voice actress is to watch out for! In the course of her career, Martin has bagged 16 awards from prestigious award shows such as the BET Awards, Image Awards, and NAACP. This year, she left us in awe with her role as Liberty in PAW Patrol: The Movie. Of course, we can’t wait for her return as one of Dragons: Rescue Riders voice actors. 


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