Octonauts Characters: Then & Now (2006 vs. 2021)

They started as a character in a book, these Octonauts characters have changed. Let’s see their 2006 book version and their 2021 cartoon appearances of these Octonauts characters!

Captain Barnacles Bear

Image Source: the Octonauts & Octonauts Wiki

A polar bear with enormous strength and leadership skills, Captain Barnacles Bear! His book version wears a sailor-like uniform with a cap and boots. Now, looking at Captain Barnacles’ cartoon appearance, his uniform became a dark blue jumpsuit with a belt-like that holds the Octo-Compass. While the cap, details on the collar, and the boots remain the same.

Peso Penguin

Image Source: the Octonauts & Octonauts Wiki

For our medical officer, Peso Penguin, he should always carry a medical kit around! Always ready to save the lives of his teammates and the injured rescues. Back in the 2006 design, his medical kit contained a blue cross at the front. On the 2021 version, the front of Peso’s medical kit has a band-aid display.

Shellington Sea Otter

Image Source: the Octonauts & Octonauts Wiki

The scientist of the group, Shellington! A lover of newfound knowledge and spends most of his time in his lab. Nothing seemed to change between his 2006 and 2021 design, other than his bag. 

Professor Inkling Octopus

Image Source: the Octonauts & Octonauts Wiki

One wouldn’t learn all knowledge from reading, which is why we have teachers to explain them! For the Octonauts, they have Professor Inkling, who is also the team’s founder. As for Professor’s three dark pink circles on his head are the same on both versions. His one-eyed glasses and collar with a light blue tie are also the same for then and now.

Kwazii Kitten

Image Source: the Octonauts & Octonauts Wiki

A purr-y good day to the pirate of the team, Kwazii! With his love of telling scary stories, his one-eyed patch serves his looks. Peso is the opposite of Kwazii, which makes him a good target. Both the book’s version and cartoon are the same, as well as the small details. 

Dashi Dog

Image Source: the Octonauts & Octonauts Wiki

The photographer and technician, Dashi is in charge of the technology the team uses. There way her hair changed from left and then right. Then, her clips changed from blue and white to sky blue and pink. For the book design, Dashi’s dress was all brown, and for the cartoon, it became a brown and pink skirt.

Tweak Bunny

Image Source: the Octonauts & Octonauts Wiki

Fixing and repairing is Tweaks’ specialty! For her, she loves building machinery that works in mysterious ways. Tweak’s appearance from the books has a blue headband, no belt, and holds a screwdriver. In her cartoon version, her headband is now pink, she has a belt, and an adjustable wrench on her side.

Tunip The Vegimal

Image Source: the Octonauts & Octonauts Wiki

After rescuing the animals in danger, it’s a must to regain your strength. If you’re curious, let’s ask the head chef for some nutritious meals! Tunip plays the role of cook for the team, and he may appear as a radish dressed in a blue suit. Both his book and cartoon appearances are identical to each other.




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