Size Comparison of Cetaceans in Octonauts

From the Octonauts Wiki, here are the Cetaceans creatures with their Size Comparison!

Table of Contents:

1Blue Whale105 ft200 tonsPale Blue
2Bowhead Whale60 ft100 tonsDark Blue
3Albino Humpback Whale60 ft36 tonsPale White
4Scared Simon59 ft45 tonsDark Blue
5Mitch52 ft40 tonsDark Blue
6Gray Whale50 ft40 tonsDark Blue
7Omura’s Whale39 ft19 tonsGray, White
8Orca Whale32 ft6 tonsBlack, White
9Boris20 ft1.5 tonsLight Green
10Beluga Whale20 ft1.5 tonsLight Blue, White
11Berta8 ft0.158 tonsPink
12Spinner Dolphin7 ft0.077 tonsSilver
13Hourglass Dolphin6 ft0.119 tonsBlack, White
14Baby Dolphin4 ft0.019 tonsSilver

We are activating the creature report! To see the animals in need of help, knowing a bit of their background will help rescue them! With Captain Barnacles, these characters seen in the show are weighed and sized. 

What is a Cetacean?

From the ocean’s depths, they are a part of mammals that are in the aquatic group. In the Octonauts’ show, only the dolphins and whales are categorized under this order. They can breathe underwater, but they come up for a short while to the surface. Because of this, we see videos and captures of them swimming with tourists or locals. It’s as if they’re waving hello!

Biggest to Smallest

There’s no mistaking it for Blue Whale to take the 1st place with its enormous 105 ft. No one reached 100 ft other than this mammal. For the 2nd place, it started with 60 ft and ended at 20 ft for the whales. While for the dolphins, the biggest is Berta with 8 ft and Baby Dolphin taking the last place with 4 ft.

Heaviest to Lightest

Taking the top rank of this comparison, the Blue Whale stands in 1st place with 200 tons. No one else had a close size with the Blue Whale; there was a considerable gap from the 2nd place of having 100 tons. Landing in the 7th spot, Omura’s Whale shows up with 19 tons. While for the last place, Baby Dolphin still has some room for growth for its 0.019 tons.


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