“Over the Garden Wall” Characters in Real Life

Through the mysterious forest, let’s go for a journey through the Unknown with Over the Garden Wall character in real life!

What’s Over the Garden Wall?

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Based on the short film, Tome of The Unknown, Over the Garden Wall got created! Written and directed by Patrick McHale, the show got produced by Cartoon Network. Although a miniseries, the show’s considered a success with only ten episodes. The show started its broadcast from November 3, 2014, up to November 7, 2014.

#1 Wirt

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Entering the forest, the Unknown, Wirt is an older brother to his younger half-brother, Greg.

#2 Gregory or Greg

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A smiling face throughout the series, Greg travels the Unknown with Wirt and his pet frog.

#3 Beatrice

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Beatrice was once a human who was cursed. Now, she appears as a talking bluebird inside the Unknown and accompanies the brothers through their journey.

#4 Jason Funderburker (The Frog)

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Working as a narrator, he is Greg’s pet frog who can also sing. If you’re afraid of a real frog, worry not, as here’s a statue one.

#5 Woodsman

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Carrying an ax with him at all times, the Woodsman showed hospitality when he found the brothers. He also carries a lantern believing that his daughter’s soul will stay lit inside.

#6 Enoch

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Enoch may appear like your pumpkin outside when it’s Halloween, but he’s more than that! He holds the responsibility of being the leader of the Pumpkin People located in Pittsfield.

#7 Beast

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Feared as the monster of the Unknown, Beast follows the two brothers around. Setting a goal to capture Wirt and Greg, they are careful not to bump into him!

#8 Baker

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Baker works at the Tavern, where Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice stayed for a while. 

#9 Butcher

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Another worker at the Tavern, Butcher, meets the trio upon their arrival.

#10 Tavern Dog

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Who has a ponytail? The Tavern Dog might not see anything with that long hair of his! 

#11 Sara

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Sara wished to be a ballet dancer, though her mother wanted wrestling. Even so, Wirt was still able to express his feelings for her. Young love, am I right?

#12 Fred

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If there’s a talking frog who can sing, another animal also can! Although Fred is a horse, he helps the trio on their journey.

#13 Toymaker

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Spending his time making toys, the Toymaker sits by the fireplace, painting a toy soldier. 

#14 Cabbage Gal

Image Source: Flickr

A cabbage falling in love? Love must be in the air for Cabbage Gal and her significant other.

#15 Pumpkin Gal

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Pumpkin Gal is one of Enoch’s people, the Pumpkin People, as her name suggests.




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