Real-Life “Garfield and Friends” Characters

Are you here to join the party? Then what are you waiting for? Come and join us with Garfield and Friends in real life!

The Garfield Squad is Here!

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From the comic strip “Garfield,” an American animated television series has been created, Garfield and Friends. Thanks to Jim Davis’ creation, it aired from 1988 until 1994. Produced by Film Roman and got to release seven seasons. 

#1 Garfield

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“A lasagna with fur and fangs,” as quoted by Jon. He’s also the type to fight back when being bullied, may it be a sassy remark, threat, or violence.

#2 Jon Arbuckle

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The one who adopted the orange cat, Jon Arbuckle. He is the owner of Garfield and has a dog named Odie.

#3 Penelope Pussycat

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Did you know cats can have beauty marks? Only Penelope appears to have them! 

#4 Nermal

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A mortal nemesis appears; it’s Nermal! For Garfield, this character is anything but kind, especially for him. 

#5 Odie

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Our yellow-furred and adorable dog, Odie! He is often Garfield’s victim, but he considers him as his best friend.

#6 Liz Wilson

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Regular check-ups are a must for everyone, animals alike. Worry not, as Dr. Liz is here to ensure their health!

#7 Pooky

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Garfield is like any other child when it comes to teddy bears. Pooky is the only exception!

#8 Binky the Clown

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With his green and blue hat, you’ll quickly notice him! Greeting everyone with a loud voice, here’s Binky the Clown!

#9 Floyd

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Who said cats and mice don’t click? Indeed, you’ve never seen Garfield and Floyd!

#10 Roy Rooster

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It’s time to wake up! This prankster gangster is here to get your senses up!

#11 Herman Post

Image Source: Trail journals

Here comes the daily mail! Although he needs to be careful when Garfield’s house is next. Who knows what he might do to the mailman!

#12 Orson Pig

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Orson is someone you can rely on as he’s the leader of the farm. He isn’t as strict as a teacher, but he can crack jokes.

#13 Wade Duck

Image Source: hdnicewallpaper

An occasional victim of Roy, Wade Duck, is one scaredy-cat! He seems to have an overwhelming amount of fear, and Roy enjoys poking fun at him.

#14 Lanolin Sheep

Image Source: vtsheepandgoat

Lanolin Sheep, have you any wool? She may not give us any, but she loves to give Roy something, a taste of his own medicine!

#15 Booker

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Booker’s name came from Orson’s love of books. For him, Orson will always be his “Mom.”


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