Would you believe me if I told you that a puppet draws this cartoon series? If you love dogs, then this Dog City Characters in Real Life dog breeds would be all you need!

Dog City The Series!

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Combining puppetry and animation, The Jim Henson Productions and Nelvana made Dog City the Series possible. The mastermind behind Sesame Street and a Canadian animation company that helped produce the animated parts. Premiered on September 19, 1992, the series completed three seasons up to January 28, 1995.

#1 Ace Hart

Image Source: Linger and look & Reddit

Eliot Shag’s animation, Dog City, stars Ace Hart. Though Eliot Shag is a puppet, he created Ace, who resembles a German Shepherd in real life. 

#2 Eddie

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An admirer of knowledge and an assistant to Ace. Here comes Eddie looking like an English Springer Spaniel.

#3 Rosie O’Gravy

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Another detective who is loyal to her job! Rosie resembles a Rough Collie. 

#4 Bugsy Vile

Image Source: Petpress

A villain running around Dog City with a gang? With a build like a French Bulldog, Bugsy Vile can easily be seen as one.

#5 Frisky

Image Source: Nostalgieanime & London Lost Pet

One of Busgy’s gang members, Frisky, is like a Chihuahua.  

#6 Steven

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One of the roles of dogs is guarding their homes. That’s why Steven is on the lookout, like a deadly Canine, except for the slender body.

#7 Surelick Bones

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Sherlock Holmes in Dog City? Surelick Bones is likely reflective of an English bloodhound; they are a good assistant for hunting.

#8 Styles Silverbark

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Aggressive as a Pitbull, Styles Silverbark is an owner of a radio station named WFIDO.

#9 The Watch Dog

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Other than Ace, there’s a hero who steals the spotlight, The Watch Dog! Unlike other dog breeds, a hero like him requires the same ability as a Canine.

#10 Mad Dog

Image Source: Destinations

Based on how hyperactive this one can be, Mad Dog doesn’t need any more sweets! Comparable to a Mongrel breed, their emotions are likely to change every minute.

#11 Baron Von Rottweiler

Image Source: Tumblr & Breed Your Dog

Baron Von Rottweiler is the owner of the Rottweiler Explosives Incorporated. Another villain who looks like a German Rottweiler.

#12 Leon Burger

Image Source: Dogs Net

Thanks to Leon Burger’s master, Baron, this small pitbull runs is a sucker for a game of fetch.

#13 Clawed Badly

Image Source: The Spruce Pets

Dominating the East Side, Clawed Badly’s Feline instincts kick in when it comes to his feline cats. 

#14 Kitty

0PImage Source: bin3aiah

As white as a Persian cat, Kitty stands alongside Bugsy. With her club, Kitty Kat Club, the gang hides away safely.

#15 Misty Whiskers

Image Source: Pinterest

Like Kitty, Misty Whiskers is also in the likes of a Persian cat. She works as a radio actress.

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