Inside Brooklyn McKnight’s Boho Apartment

The Boho-Chic style never goes out of date. That said, let’s see how fabulous Brooklyn McKnight’s Boho apartment is!

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Image Source: YouTube/Instagram – Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn McKnight has been a part of our childhood, especially her journey with her sister, Bailey. Now that Brooklyn is enrolled in an Esthetician school, she revealed that she has a new apartment in Utah in her YouTube channel, Brooklyn and Bailey. She is living in a townhouse with her roommates. One of the best features of the house is the two-car garage. But there’s more to see, so let’s go and take a peek inside. 


Image Source: YouTube – Brooklyn and Bailey

The apartment’s interior is spacious and is filled with natural light. Hence, the space has a fantastic ambiance. The living space sports a green and white color combination that makes the area relaxing and lively at the same time. As expected of Brooklyn, her eye for detail is evident since most home decors were her idea. The tan faux leather sofa added a great color combination to the living room. Indoor artificial plants adorned the walls, bringing the feeling of nature to the area. While on the floor, an off-white Temara Morrocan Tassled rug dominated that area. Of course, the living room has a 50-inch Samsung television. 


Image Source: YouTube – Brooklyn and Bailey

The kitchen and dining room are just a few steps from the living area. We love how classic the kitchen is, yet, Brooklyn and her roommates added furniture to enhance the areas’ appearance. The wood accents balance the whole space, making it appealing to the eyes. There are quality appliances in the kitchen and a pantry, which is Brooklyn’s favorite kitchen feature. Moving on to the dining area, the space has botanic-like vibes. Floral frames adorn the wall, while the dining table has a geometric glass vase. Of course, the apartment has a small porch that delivers natural lighting in the kitchen.


Image Source: YouTube – Brooklyn and Bailey

For Brooklyn’s room, she got a normal-sized space to which she properly maximized the area. A queen-sized bed dominates the influencer’s room. The bedroom looks stunning with nature-themed furniture. Beside the bed stand a tall wooden and minimalistic closet and storage unit, which gives Brooklyn the privilege to save space. Brooklyn also added artificial potted plants beside the television. Once again, we can see how nifty and creative our influence is!


Image Source: YouTube – Brooklyn and Bailey

As we move outside Brooklyn’s bedroom, we can enter the main bathroom. The space has an all-white color scheme. The vanity has white solid surface countertops and ash grey cabinets. Beside it stands a two-piece toilet with a toilet cupboard that aids in maximizing the space and organization. Then, a curtained shower room dominated the area. For the decorations, the walls also have floral frames and a white oak jewelry holder.


Image Source: YouTube – Brooklyn and Bailey

Aside from the main bathroom, Brooklyn also featured the half bathroom. A small bathroom vanity with a mirror and white cabinet is seen. Beside it, a toilet and a tall white mirror were situated. For the small-spaced laundry room, sit a good-quality washer and a dryer. Without a doubt, the whole apartment is styled uniquely and charmingly. With that, we wish Brooklyn and her roommates good luck on their journey. Also, may Brooklyn McKnight’s Boho apartment may serve as a home they need.


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