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Newt’s got a new recipe simmering, and it’s the recipe of success. With that, let’s see the product of this success; here’s Newton Nguyen’s LA apartment.

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Image Source: YouTube – milktpapi

We’ve seen TikToker Newt create his viral food recipes inside his humble abode. After his perseverance and engaging content, he has finally moved out of his motor home into a brand-new LA apartment. His YouTube channel, named milktpapi, openly welcomed us into his new home. This apartment comprises one bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

Image Source: YouTube – milktpapi

The whole apartment has good natural lighting that highlights the space’s neutral earthy color palette. Since the area is designed for a single-living, Newt properly maximized the area by adding space-saving furniture. The living space has a mist gray Abisko right sectional sofa and was positioned near the wall-to-ceiling. A white carpet, Newt’s merch, a full-length floor mirror, and flatscreen television, approximately 20 inches, dominated the floor.


Image Source: YouTube/Twitter – milktpapi

The kitchen is adjacent to the living space. A little step, and you’ll immediately see Newt’s stunning kitchen. The kitchen utilized an L-Shape layout with a small kitchen island. In terms of the appliances, Newt expressed his excitement about having a two-door stainless steel refrigerator. Aside from that, the kitchen has a top-quality stainless steel gas range and a microwave oven. The wooden modular kitchen cabinets helped in keeping the kitchen organized and neat. The kitchen has solid surface countertops as well as the kitchen island. Since the area is narrow, Newt made the kitchen island dual-purpose; it also serves as a dining table. Now, let’s take a peek inside Newt’s bedroom and his stylish dressing room. 


Image Source: YouTube/Twitter – milktpapi

Inside Newton’s bedroom resides a Nectar king-sized mattress, a small metal clothes rack, a shoe rack, and his gaming computer. The area has tall windows that give the bedroom good lighting, perfect for Newt’s impromptu vlogging. An abstract wall decoration adorned the walls, just a little touch of Newt’s aesthetic.

Image Source: YouTube/Instagram – milktpapi

Of course, we know how Newton loves fashion and keeps himself stylish. His small dressing room is filled with his merch, thrifted clothes, and $15,000 shoe collection. Overall, this influencer’s wardrobe is evidence of his humble yet fashionable self.


Image Source: YouTube/Instagram – milktpapi

Now, let’s see what Newton’s bathroom looks like. The bathroom has probably the most luxurious look among the rooms of Newton’s apartment. The bathroom’s vanity has a solid surface countertop and wooden cabinets. Adjacent to the vanity is a two-piece toilet. But, the gorgeous marbled tiles and shower room will definitely get your attention. Without a doubt, the area appears to be well-polished and neatly maintained. 

Despite Newton’s fame, the influencer remains humble and unproblematic. This apartment and his lavish items were humbly earned by Newton. Add to that, his fresh and quirky content is definitely note-worthy. So, in conclusion, his success is well deserved.

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