Size Comparison of ReLife Characters

Have you seen Test Subject No. 003? Released in the year 2013 by Yayoiso, a laboratory operated under the impression of being a call center. Operated by ReLIFE Wiki, it’s time for the Size Comparison of ReLIFE Characters!

Table of Contents:

1Nobunaga Asaji184 cm (6’0”)
2Kōshi Usa178 cm (5’10”)
3Arata Kaizaki176 cm (5’9”)
4Akira Inukai174 cm (5’9”)
5Ryō Yoake173 cm (5’8”)
6Kazuomi Ōga171 cm (5’7”)
7Rena Kariu166 cm (5’5”)
8Chizuru Hishiro162 cm (5’4”)
9Sumire Inukai160 cm (5’3”)
10Kokoro Amatsu157 cm (5’2”)
11Honoka Tamarai155 cm (5’1”)
12An Onoya153 cm (5’0”)

Tallest Characters

Here are the tallest men in the house! The 1st placer, Nobunaga Asaji, is even taller than the teacher. Having 184 cm (6’0”), he tops the comparison as well as his athletic ability. Though looks can be deceiving, he’s actually a gentle and supportive person. One of Aoba High School’s Teachers, Kōshi Usa, takes 2nd place. Leading the Boys Volleyball Team with 178 cm (5’10”), he’s quite the hot-headed type.

Arata Kaizaki is our protagonist, the Test Subject No. 002 of ReLIFE Laboratory, and a new student at Aoba High School. Residing in 3rd place with 176 cm (5’9”), he got the chance to alter his appearance. It became possible with the help of a pill from the lab. Like Nobunaga, Akira Inukai is often misunderstood under the expressionless face. But with his size of 174 cm (5’9”) in 4th place, he is one soft guy on the inside.

Midsize Characters

The “mid” stands for middle. Our 5th placer, Ryō Yoake, is also a new student like Arata. Yielding a height of 173 cm (5’8”), he is a part of ReLIFE Research Institute. Partaking in Arata’s ReLIFE experiments, he serves as a support. Next in the comparison is Kazuomi Ōga at 6th place. He became a close friend of Arata but fell a few places with his size of 171 cm (5’7”). 

We have our first lady in this comparison! Landing in 7th place, we have Rena Kariu with 166 cm (5’5”). She’s a part of the Girls Volleyball Club, making her an athletic girl. Thus, unlike her boyfriend turned husband, Kazuomi, he lacks in that aspect. If there’s a Test Subject No. 002, there’s also a Test Subject No. 001. It’s our 8th placer, Chizuru Hishiro, with 162 cm (5’4”)! After failing her first chance for the ReLIFE experiment, she got another one the same as Arata’s. 

Shortest Characters

Let’s call them petite instead of short. The school nurse and sister of Akira is our 9th placer, Sumire Inukai, with 160 cm (5’3”). You can tell these two are siblings, other than their facial features. It’s not their height, too, but their facial expression, blank. Finally, the Girls Volleyball Team Coach is our 10th placer! An acquaintance of Kōshi who graduated from the same university, she is Kokoro Amatsu with 157 cm (5’2”).

Standing in the second to the last, Honoka Tamarai takes 11th place, with 155 cm (5’1”). As the Girls’ Volleyball Club captain, she’s a thoughtful friend, especially to Rena. She’s also childhood friends with Nobunaga and Akira. Another ReLIFE employee under Ryō’s team seized the last place. She is An Onoya with 153 cm (5’0”) and became a support for Chizuru’s second attempt at the experiment. Keeping a nerdy-like appearance, she was able to take such an academic-focused reputation. 


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