Size Comparison of Black Butler Characters

If you fancy tea with a sprinkle of dark fantasy, then we’ve got something for you! Written by Yana Toboso, here’s Black Butler entering the world of anime. Out of Kuroshitsuji Wiki, we are here to disclose the Size Comparison of Black Butler Characters!

Table of Contents:

1Sebastian Michaelis186 cm (6’1”)
2William T. Spears182 cm (6’0”)
3Baldroy181cm (5’11”)
4Lau177cm (5’10”)
5Grelle Sutcliff175cm (5’9”)
6Ronald Knox175 cm (5’9”)
7Hannah Annafellows172 cm (5’8”)
8Angelina Dalles168 cm (5’6”)
9Alois Trancy165 cm (5’5”)
10Mey-Rin165cm (5’5”)
11Finnian163cm (5’4”)
12Ran-Mao158cm (5’2”)
13Elizabeth Midford154 cm (5’1”)
14Ciel Phantomhive152 cm (5’0”)

High-rise Butlers of The Season

A bargain between a human and a demon? Creating a Faustian contract with a demon as your butler, our 1st placer, is an example. Sebastian Michaelis, with 186 cm (6’1”), tops the rank of this size comparison. He serves the Phantomhive household and its head, as per the contract. Even with his handsome appearance, you’ll think twice once you know of his nature. Like Sebastian’s origin, our 2nd placer is a Grim Reaper. William T. Spears is his name, standing tall with 182 cm (6’0”).

Working for the Phantomhive household, our 3rd placer is the master cook. Baldroy, with 181cm (5’11”), does not come from a similar origin as our top 2; he’s any other human like you and me. Taking 4th place with 181cm (5’11”) is a Chinese Nobleman, Lau. Well-versed in the human anatomy, he is one to not mess with, especially when a needle’s within an arm’s reach.

Formidable Measure of The Median

Even Grim Reapers are posers? Bearing a tie, our 4th and 5th characters are the same as William. With a proportion of 5’9”, Grelle Sutcliff posed as a butler known as the criminal, Jack the Ripper. Next, we have a Grim Reaper who hates working overtime, Ronald Knox. Unlike Grelle, Ronald didn’t pose as a butler; he’s only a tardy worker.

For the first lady counted in this comparison, Hannah Annafellows is the tallest, taking 7th place. She serves the Trancy Household with her dimension of 172 cm (5’8”) allowing her to perform her duties as a demon maid. Landing in 8th place, Angelina Dalles shows a measurement of 168 cm (5’6”). Known as Madam Red for her crimson hair, she’s also the one responsible for the crimes of Jack the Ripper. Grelle posed as her butler under the appearance of brown hair, tying it with a red ribbon.

Vastness of The Frail

Perhaps contracts are popular among men and demons? Alois Trancy, with 165 cm (5’5”) in 9th place, is the head of the Trancy household. Speaking of maid, the 10th placer, Mey-Rin, is the maid of the Phantomhive household. She serves as the head of the said household alongside Sebastian. The Phantomhive household also has their gardener, Finnian. He places 11th in this comparison with 163cm (5’4”).

It’s not only the demons and grim reapers who get to be deadly, humans too. Under Lau’s orders, Ran-Mao is willing to do anything for him. Even with 158cm (5’2”) in 12th place, she uses it to her advantage to be swift on her feet. A prodigy in swordsmanship at a young age, Elizabeth Midford shows a balance of 154 cm (5’1”) in 13th place. Though she wanted to show a weak appearance to her betrothed, she protected him with all her might. Her’s fiancée embarked in 14th place, Ciel Phantomhive with 152 cm (5’0”). Responsible for the Phantomhive household, Sebastian helps him with his errands.

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