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Height Comparison of World Trigger Characters

Welcome to the Neighborhood! Inspired by Doraemon, Daisuke Ashihara has created a parallel universe with advanced technologies. Introducing from World Trigger Wiki, let’s welcome the Height Comparison of World Trigger Characters!

Table of Contents:

1Lamvanein202 cm (6’8”)
2Reiji Kizaki191 cm (6’3”)
3Kei Tachikawa180 cm (5’11”) 
4Hyrein180 cm (5’11”)
5Yuichi Jin179 cm (5’10”)
6Masato Kageura177 cm (5’10”)
7Viza176 cm (5’9”)
8Kohei Izumi175 cm (5’9”)
9Nozomi Kako173 cm (5’8”)
10Osamu Mikumo168 cm (5’6”)
11Mira162 cm (5’4”)
12Kirie Konami157 cm (5’2”)
13Yōko Katori157 cm (5’2”)
14Yuzuru Ema156 cm (5’1”)
15Yūma Kuga141 cm (4’8”)
16Chika Amatori140 cm (4’7”)

Here are My Tall Neighbors!

Their heights trigger mine. Picking 1st place, we have Lamvanein at 202 cm (6’8”). Note that his horns don’t add to his height; it’s pure bones and genes, which are not from the human world at all. The first A-rank agent in this comparison, Reiji Kizaki, stands at 191 cm (6’3”) in 2nd place. He is the leader of the Kizaki Unit and is considered the “Perfect All-Rounder” because of his skills. 

Our 3rd placer, Kei Tachikawa, is also an A-rank and leader of the Tachikawa Squad. Standing tall at 180 cm (5’11”), he is both the No. 1 Attacker and overall Border agent. Having the exact height of 5’11”, we have Hyrein in 4th place. This guy’s a particular case because he’s the group captain that wreaked havoc on Earth.

My Neighbor’s Midpoint!

This must be the Border? Tied at 5’10”, we have Yuichi Jin in 5th place and Masato Kageura in 6th. A long-time battle rival of Kei, Yuichi is a solo Border Agent. Leader of the Kaguera Squad, our 6th placer, is one deadly Attacker, hence his appearance.

Landing at 7th place, Viza, with the age of 65, could still gain a height of 176 cm (5’9”). Along with Hyrein, he’s a Neighbor that attacked Earth. In 8th place, we have Kohei Izumi garnering a height of 175 cm (5’9”). He’s a part of Tachikawa Squad and a genius in the making.

Special Mentions!

No time to lose! As a leader, it is a must that you are a flexible and fast thinker. For Nozomi, leader of the Kako Unit, with 173 cm (5’8”) in 9th place, has raised the bar for women. Her unit consists only of women and her obsession with the letter “K.” As for Osamu, with 168 cm (5’6”) in 10th place, he is the leader of Tamakoma Second. Even as a high schooler, he is already given a significant role for being a Border Agent.

These are My Short Neighbors!

Alas, it’s too good to be true! Taking the 11th spot, Mira stands with her height of 162 cm (5’4”) and is an accomplice of Hyrein and Viza. Our 12th placer and part of Tamakoma Branch, Kirie Konami with 157 cm (5’2”), is someone blessed with skills. Unfortunately, there’s a shortcoming when talking about heights. Tied with her, Yōko Katori takes 13th spot. She is the captain of the Katori Squad and is an All-Rounder.  

What’s up with that poker face? It seems our 14th placer, Yuzuru Ema, isn’t a smiley one. With 156 cm (5’1”), we can guess that there’s room for growth, as he’s still a middle schooler. He is also a prodigy when it comes to being a sniper. 

As a Neighbor, a powerful and good one; it must be quite hard for our 15th placer, Yūma Kuga. His height has a distinct reason; it’s because he stopped growing at the age of 11 at 141 cm (4’8”). Teamed with Osamu and Yūma, Chika Amatori is also a part of Tamakoma Second. With her height of 140 cm (4’7”), she is one loyal character to those she loves.


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