Top 5 Real Estate Accounts on Tiktok

Real EstateAccountFollowersContent
Heider Real Estate@heider_realestate2.8MProperty Listings and Tour
Tat Londono Real Estate Coach@tatlondono1.9MTour, Coaching, and Investment
Grant Cardone@grantcardone995.4KInvestment
AJ@inspector_aj809.5KCPI Home Inspection
Cash Jordan@cash.jordan651.8kApartment Tour

According to Vaned, Heider Real Estate garnered almost 3 million followers while showing us the inside of luxurious houses in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, USA. Tat Londono shared tips and tricks in dealing with real estate while Grant Cardone teaches investments on real estate. Inspector AJ also shows us the do’s and don’ts in housing, and Cash Jordan gives us NYC apartment tours. 

Image Source: Tiktok

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