Sakata Gintoki From Gintama: Then and Now (2006 vs. 2021)

Gintoki is a protagonist that has been part of our childhood. With his quirkiness yet immense strength, he will remain an iconic character.

According to the Gintama Wiki, the first anime aired in 2006. In 2006, Gintoki’s appearance comprised his iconic messy hair, yukata, black collared shirt, and sword. Jumping to 2010, Gintoki still donned his usual outfit, but his hair became slightly shorter. For 2015, Gintoki exuded a classy vibe with his middle-parted hair. Then in 2018, Gintoki’s bangs were trimmed and got shorter on the back. By 2021, Gintoki’s appearance looked more refined, and his hair remains shorter. Well, his new appearance made him look more powerful.

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