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Fishes Of “Octonauts” In Real Life

We will dive into the different parts of the ocean to meet the real-life versions of the fishes encountered by the Octonauts. With that, here are the fishes of Octonauts in real life!

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Image Source: Octonauts

Let us starts with two similar-looking fishes, the Swordfish and the Sailfish. We will differentiate these two in the latter part of our article. Next, does this creature pilot the oceans? Before we answer that, here’s a little warning, Pilot Fishes are fascinating fishes.  After the Pilot Fish, we will meet the dangerous Lion Fish. Next, be careful around Barracudas; they love shiny things. Following the Barracudas is the unique Leafy Sea Dragon. Don’t worry; these dragons are fire-hazard-safe. Lastly, we will get to know the terrifying Gulper Eels.


Image Source: BBC/Depositphotos

Now, let’s dive into the ocean of facts and get to know these creatures better. Let’s start with the Swordfish. Though you might think that this creature uses its sword-like bill to fence with other Swordfish, it’s not the case. According to the Oceana website, Swordfishes use their “sword” to stun and slash their prey. Next, the Sailfish is a remarkable creature too. But what makes it distinct from the Swordfish is its long dorsal fins. The Fishing Booker website revealed that the Sailfish’s fins could extend larger than its body, thus, living to its name of “Sailfish.” Of course, it also shares a similarity with the Swordfish. A Sailfish can use its long bill to slash through the school of fishes.

Image Source: Depositphotos/Dreamstime

Now, the Pilot Fish will navigate us to its interesting life. But the question is, how did this creature get its name. According to Brittanica, the Pilot Fishes are thought to “pilot” larger fishes into a food source. However, Pilot Fishes actually have a mutualistic relationship with sharks and feed off their excess food. Next, the Barracudas are terrifying creatures. We have read from the SeaWorld website that this creature often attacks human beings. Since Barracudas are attracted to shiny and silvery objects, the humans who dive into the water with jewelry or watches are the targets of this fish species. Then, we’re moving on to the Lion Fish. Lion Fishes may appear as attractive creatures. But behind that beauty lies the dangerous fact that this fish creature is now a flourishing invasive species that destroy the ecosystem, as revealed by the National Ocean Service website.

Image Source: iStock/10TONS

In this part of the article, we will now encounter two unique fish species, the Leafy Sea Dragon and the Gulper Eel. Without a doubt, the Leafy Sea Dragon is a majestic creature. With their leaf-like appearance and elegant movements, they almost look like mythological creatures. Did you know that they are related to Seahorses? The Ocean Conservancy website stated that Sea Dragons are cousins to Seahorses and Pipefishes. Lastly, the Gulper Eels are deep-sea creatures mostly known for their humongous mouth. With that, the Gulper Eels are called Pelican Eels, as revealed by the Sea and Sky website.


Image Source: Octonauts

Yay, we are now going to know these creatures’ superpowers and special abilities. Did you know that the Swordfishes have a specialized blood vessel inside their head? Since Swordfishes are cold-blooded, this special vessel keeps their brains and eyes warm. Of course, the Sailfish is one-of-kind too. They change their color to communicate their intentions with other Sailfishes. But, let’s not forget that Sailfishes are the fastest fish in the ocean as they can swim up to 68 miles per hour. 

Image Source: Octonauts

Next, since the Sharks and Pilot Fishes share a mutualistic relationship, it is reported that once a ship captured a shark, the Pilot Fish follows them for six weeks. It looks like these fishes value the power of friendship. Next, the Barracudas boast their remarkable set of sharp teeth. Some of these teeth are pointed backward, giving their prey no way out. For the Lion Fish, you need to watch out for their spines since these contain a venomous sting that can result in paralysis. Also, Lion Fishes have cycloid scales that allow them to have great flexibility in swimming.

Image Source: Octonauts

For the last two creatures, prepare to be amazed at their incredible abilities. Let’s begin with the graceful Leafy Sea Dragon. Despite their delicate-looking appearance, they are covered with bony plates that serve as their solid armor-like protection. But, there’s one more ability that this creature boasts. The Leafy Sea Dragon is a master of deception. Their leafy-like structure allows them to camouflage into the seaweeds and kelp forests, making them invisible to the eyes of their predators. Now, for the hall of Famer, the Gulper Eel is indeed an extraordinary creature. The Gulper Eel has a light-producing organ on its tail. It is believed that they use it to lure their prey into their gigantic mouth. Once the target is near them, they will open their mouth and lunge into their targets. In one snap, the prey is captured.

Without a doubt, these creatures are remarkable. With their built-in abilities and strategies, they are unstoppable. We can expect to discover more sea or oceanic creatures that will leave us in awe and intimidated. The National Ocean Service website reveals that scientists have estimated that there is still 91 percent of the species are yet to be classified, and 80 percent are still undiscovered. Thus, we can anticipate even more extraordinary sea creatures to witness and discover.



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