Reddit Poll: Top 10 Old Words People Still Wish To Use

“What old-timey word do you wish we still used?” 

This simple question will probably make you check on your dictionaries, as there are many interesting responses in AskReddit where it was recently posted. Here are the top 10 old words that people still wish to use and their meanings:

  1. Thrice – three times
  2. Flibbertigibbet – excessively talkative person
  3. Overmorrow – the day after tomorrow
  4. Shant – a drink; shall not
  5. Nonce – coined for or used on one occasion
  6. Nincompoop – a foolish person
  7. Groovy – fashionable and exciting
  8. Behoove – be incumbent on
  9. Thou – you
  10. Rapscallion – a mischievous person

Learned a new word here that you want to use? Give it a try!

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