Top 10 Most Liked Pokemon Anime Series

Everybody knows Ash Ketchum, right? The little boy that journeys the world to learn more about pokemon and become a Pokemon master.

If you know him, you probably have followed his journey by watching one anime series. In a survey by, fans were able to vote which series was the best.

RankPokemon SeriesVotes
1Pokémon (original; Indigo League)221
2Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl114
3Pokémon XY & Z114
4Pokémon XY107
5Pokémon Sun & Moon104
6Pokemon: Gold and Silver76
7Pokemon: Adventures on the Orange Islands54
8Pokemon: Advanced Generations26
9Pokémon: Black and White23
10Pokémon: Mega Evolution23

It’s no surprise that the Indigo league got the top spot, considering it is the first series.


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