Many anime fans loved the Devilman Crybaby series because the story pacing was excellent throughout the entire course of the series. With that, cosplayers around the world have portrayed spectacular characters from the anime series. Therefore, let’s witness the top 7 extraordinary Devilman Crybaby cosplay!


  1. Satan Cosplay
  2. Ryo Asuka Cosplay
  3. Miki Makimura Cosplay
  4. Akira Fudo Cosplay
  5. Devilman Cosplay
  6. Babo Cosplay
  7. Wamu Cosplay


FreckledStardust has given us a magnificent portrayal of our primary antagonist in the Devilman Crybaby anime series. Satan’s body is covered in a veil of light, and wings are surrounded all over the body, as stated by Devilman Fandom Wiki. Our cosplayer admitted that constructing the costume was difficult. We expect it to be hard because we know that it would not be an easy character to portray just by looking at the character’s appearance. Thus, it took a lot of time and materials for this attire. Furthermore, our cosplayer specified that the costume was worn during the Colossalcon East last 2018 and was made of a variety of materials like cardboard ang goose feathers. In addition to that, she mentioned that she is very proud of her creation and considers it a great accomplishment because she also made the wings and crown herself! Indeed, our cosplayer has portrayed Satan flawlessly, depicting every vital detail that needs to be shown in the cosplay.


Next, we have our cosplayer AngryRoni who has given us a splendid recreation of Ryo Asuka in the most fantastic way! Indeed, he has displayed all the physical attributes that are essential for our titular character. As stated by Devilman Fandom Wiki, Ryo Asuka young man with a Korean undercut hairstyle, and that’s what our cosplayer has shown us. In particular, he has blonde hair, and he wore an entire white costume consisting of long white sleeves and white pants. Above all, he also wore white wedged shoes adding a litte more height for our cosplayer. Being tall is a physical attribute of Ryo Asuka too. Furthermore, he also carries a black toy gun that exhibits Ryo Asuka’s character well. Indeed, Ryo Asuka has been portrayed flawlessly and we have loved this character through the entire series.


Meanwhile, we have our short-tempered character, Miki, a girl in her late teens and has a casual look, as stated by Devilman Fandom Wiki. Evelyn Crash has nailed the Miki Makimura look! In this beautiful recreation, our cosplayer wore the signature outfit of our beloved character. Evelyn wore a short brown wig that looks exactly like the hair of Miki! It was portrayed very well with its details like the wavy part of the hair and the bangs, it was portrayed very well! Furthermore, she wore a red hood and army green coat with a white shirt underneath. She also put a lot of effort into trying different styles for Miki because she wore different attires that matched Miki’s personality. With the typical attire of Miki and the one she recreated, Evelyn has undoubtedly given us a fantastic cosplay for our character from the Devilman Crybaby anime series.


Next, we have our fantastic cosplayer portraying Akira from the Devilman Crybaby series. Without a doubt, Cinnrollcos has shown us the essential details like the fierce look that is really a main characteristic to show the personality of Akira Fundo. In addition to that, our excellent cosplayer has intense eyes with heavy eyeliner, and the wavy short black hair covering some parts of his face. The black markings form under his eyes resulting from Amon’s influence, as stated by Devilman Fandom Wiki. Furthermore, he wears a black shirt, and he also wears makeup to intensify the facial features of Akira Fudo, like the nose line. Indeed, our cosplayer has done a marvelous job in recreating the character!


The next cosplay we have is the Devilman version of Akira. Akira Fudo merges with the demon hero Amon and becomes the self-titled Devilman. With Fudo leading the way, the Devilmen found new ground in the world. Moreover, the Devilman’s core character arc is the demon that merged with Akira Fudo, transforming him into a giant Devilman, as stated by Devilman Fandom Wiki. Without a doubt, Icfaria has done a perfect job in portraying this character. It should be noted that this character would have been complicated to recreate due to the physical attributes that should be manifested, but our cosplayer has laid out everything for us. In particular, he wore a giant pair of red wings with black outline markings. Moreover, his whole face exhibited Devilman’s facial features that would have been very hard to display!


Meanwhile, we have our character from the anime series, Babo. We could say that he’s not the main character. However, a cosplayer still made a portrayal for this character emphasizing how critical supporting characters are for the whole story to be very interesting and exciting. Babo is one of the rappers in the series, as mentioned by Devilman Fandom Wiki. Jul has done a marvelous job by wearing a casual outfit consisting of long sleeves and a white undershirt, Panama hat, and oversized hoop earrings. Our cosplayer even did a great job in depicting the thick eyebrows and beard. The long face of our character resembles our cosplayer too.


Last on our list is a portrayal of our delinquent character, Wamu. Cassiocosplaystuff has given us a portrayal that looks very fascinating as it exhibited every physical characteristic of the gang leader! Our cosplayer stated that the rap was the best part of the series, so he made a cosplay for Wamu. He had partly shaved brown hair and eyebrows and brown eyes, as mentioned by Devilman Fandom Wiki. Our cosplayer showed that and wore a white shirt, a white cap that is worn backward, and a large gold chain necklace that is the main signature look of Wamu! Indeed, even the supporting characters were given importance by our wonderful cosplayers and we are lucky enough to witness their transformations!


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