YuYu Hakusho (popularly known as Ghost Fighter in the Philippines) is a hit manga-based anime series in the 1990s. The comical yet action and adventure-filled episodes revolve around the supernatural and horror, as the story deals with demons and the afterlife. If you are a fan of this series and would like to see a height comparison of YuYu Hakusho Characters, join us on a journey to meet our favorite characters once again, as they are featured in this article!

Table of Contents

RankCharacter NameHeight (in cm)AgeClassRaceAffiliationStatusGender
1Puu366.0unknownSpirit BeastYusuke’s guideAliveMale
2Younger Toguro247.570+Upper B ClassDemonTeam ToguroDeceasedMale
3Yomi224.01000+Upper SDemonThree KingsAliveMale
4Karasu223.0unknownQuest class DemonDemonTeam ToguroDeceasedMale
5Chu215.5unknownS-Class DemonTeam Rokuyukai AliveMale
6Yoko Kurama213.015Lower S-Class Human/Upper S-Class DemonHuman/Fox DemonTeam UrameshiAliveMale
7Hokushin203.540S-Class DemonDemonRight-hand man to RaizenAliveMale
8Shinobu Sensui196.026S-Class HumanHumanSensui SevenDeceasedMale
9Kazuma Kuwabara191.014S-Class HumanHuman (Psychic)Team UrameshiAliveMale
10Itsuki189.0unknownunknownDemonSensui SevenAliveMale
11Jin Kaze Tsukai183.0unknownS-ClassDemonTeam MashoAliveMale
12Suzaku178.0400+C ClassDemonFour Saint BeastDeceasedMale
14Shishiwakamaru175.0appears about 16S-classDemonTeam UraotogiAliveMale
15Yusuke Urameshi173.014Upper SHuman/DemonTeam Urameshi/Spirit & Demon WorldAliveMale
16Toya165.0unknownS-ClassDemonTeam MashoAliveMale
17Keiko Yukimura163.014HumanHumanYusuke Urameshi’s fianceAliveFemale
18Mukuro163.0unknownUpper SDemonThree KingsAliveFemale
19Atsuko Urameshi161.029HumanHumanYusuke’s motherAliveFemale
20Botan152.5appears about 14SpiritGrim Reaper/SpiritSpirit World/KoenmaAliveFemale
21Hiei147.0unknownUpper S1/2 fire demon, 1/2 ice demonTeam Urameshi/Mukuro’s Army AliveMale
22Genkai130.070+B ClassHuman (Psychic)Team Urameshi/Team Toguro Alive (Anime)/Deceased (Manga)Female
23Yukina128.015unknownDemonHiei’s fraternal twin sisterAliveFemale
24Rinku118.0200+ (appears about 7-8) S-Class DemonTeam Rokuyukai AliveMale
25Elder Toguro109.0unknownB ClassDemonTeam ToguroDeceasedMale


According to Absoluteanime.com, the biggest character in YuYu Hakusho is Puu, Yusuke Urameshi’s Spirit Beast. He measures 366 cm tall or over 12 feet after he evolved as a large Phoenix-like bird. We can compare his height to that of a giraffe or a huge ostrich. However, he initially measured 30 cm only – he was just as big as a regular stuffed toy, which was why Keiko always carried him in her arms in the earlier episodes. 

On rank 2 to 7 are characters measuring over 200 cm tall. Younger Toguro on the second spot is 247.5 cm tall, or 8’1″, and is almost as tall as the tallest man in the world, Sultan Kösen. The latter measures 8’2″ and currently holds the Guinness World Record for tallest living male, as per Wikipedia.com. Next in line is Yomi, one of the Three Kings of the Demon Realm, 224 cm tall, or 7’3″. He is comparable to former NBA player Randy Breuer, who is also listed 7’3″. KarasuChuYoko Kurama, and Hokushin are included in this series’s top seven tallest characters.

The shortest characters, on the other hand, are Rinku and Elder ToguroRinku measures 118 cm, making him appear like a 7-year old kid though he is more than 200 years old. The Elder Toguro is the shortest – he was 109 cm or 3’6″. His height is comparable with Eddie Gaedel, the shortest player in the history of the Major Leagues. He was also 109 cm. 

Age and Gender

Among the listed characters, 19 are male, and six are female. The female characters are on 17th to 24th rank, with Yukina being the smallest at 128 cm. Thus, the tallest ones in ranks 1 to 16 are all male. However, one of the strongest characters in the series is a female – Mukuro, one of the Three Kings of the Demon world. It would be difficult to make a definite conclusion in terms of their age as some data on their age are unknown. The characters vary from 14 years old teenagers to demons who are over thousands of years old. 

Race and Class 

18 out of 25 of the characters compared are demons or at least having demon blood like the main character Yusuke Urameshi. It is quite understandable as most episodes of the anime series took place in the demon world. On the other hand, 5 of them are humans, but Kazuma Kuwabara and Genkai are psychics. Botan is a spirit, while Puu is the only Spirit Beast. 

The strongest beings here are the Upper S-class, and we have 5 of them on our list – YomiYoko Kurama (in Demon fox form), MukuroHiei, and Yusuke Urameshi. There are also two human S-class here – Shinobu Sensui and Kazuma Kuwabara.


Each character is affiliated with different groups in the series. Team Urameshi, Team Rokuyukai, and Team Toguro are just some of the teams who competed in the Dark Tournament. Two of the Three Kings – Yomi and Mukuro – are on our list. Unfortunately, there is minimal data about Raizen, which is why he was not included. Most of the girls on our list do not belong to teams, except for Mukuro and Genkai



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Image source – https://yuyuhakusho.fandom.com/wiki/Characters

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